Modi-Xi Charakha

Going beyond Borders: Modi-Xi and Hsüan-tsang

When I visited Xi’an , in the Central China , when I was in United Nations,  I visited the statue of  Hsüan-tsang. 

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Gite de france Tourism

Reversing Urban Migration: Indo-French Initiative possible?

  One year after PM Modi was born, in 1951, a young French Parliamentarian in his 40s, Mr Emile Aubert came up with ‘out-of-box’ concept of rural lodging for the tourism purposes.

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Is any one there to rescue us? We are trapped .

Is anyone there to rescue us? And more importantly, is there some one to guide us on how not to get trapped again?Aboard a flight from Seychelles to Dubai, I looked down as the plane was descending.

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Coughing kejriwal 2

Coughing with Scary Mandate : New Delhi’s Air Pollution

The day Arvind Kejriwal led  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP, which means Common Man’s Party) won unprecedented mandate in Delhi’s assembly election, 6500 kms away in City Council in Paris, France was busy in approving  the measures to fight air pollution.

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Make in India Make it green

Make in India Make it Green

   A century back, on 9th January, Mahatma Gandhi made his determined journey to India with a singular goal to ‘Make in India’.

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solar on canal cliamte opportunity

Unique opportunity for ‘Good Climate Governance’

The inconvenient truth is not that global warming is undeniably unequivocal but that we are unable to address it with the required urgency.

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Future They Do Not Want. UNEP’s success at UNESCO’s celebrations. The real Road Show

One of the swan-song-projects that I undertook when I was leading the global capacity building activities in United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Paris was rather out-of-box.

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Modi’s Melody at Madison and Wisdom at White House

     Super-efficient appliances can also contribute to ‘clean India’ movement. When I came out of United Nations General Assembly Hall on 23rd September…..

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Paris Protocol? Or Do We need People Protocol?

In 1997, I was in cultural capital of Japan-City of Kyoto.Kyoto is also known as an university city. But it has no real linkages with industries or the problem of the climate change.

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Sherpa tragedy large size

Black Snow On White Everest -Climate Apartheid ?

  “A few more whacks of the ice axe in the firm snow, and we stood on top”, stated Sir Edmund Hillary about his final climb

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Going Beyond GDP
OECD needs to transit to “OECSD” :Going Beyond GDP and Embracing SDGs-

Looking in the history: 7 decades back 8th May 2015 marked the 70th Anniversary of end of World War


France 24 Addition to oil
Paris Climate Meeting: Enforcing the Change or Making it way of life?

What does it take to make us change our ways with regard to climate change? The last major climate c


Monsoon Dr. Sabale
Indian Monsoon : DeFacto Finance Minister of India!

While Finance Minister in New Delhi presents India’s finance budget by end of February every year,


Akluj lecture
Renewable Energy EmPOWERing youth

The developing countries are poised to be the precious solar and biomass mines of the renewable ener


International Year of soil
Looking Down to Earth and Celebrate

The greatest hurdle in  solving a planet’s problem today is the people’s mind-set. That mind se