The flags of member nations fly outside of United Nations headquarters, Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007 in New York. The First Plenary meeting of the Sixty-second session of the General Assembly is scheduled for Tuesday.(AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

At 70, UN sets 17 goals: To be achieved in less than 17 years.

Just imagine, that when you enter the age of 71, you dare an adventure

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June 17, 2015 - Vatican City, Vatican - Pope Francis during his weekly general audience Wednesday in St. Peter's Square, at the Vatican on June 17, 2015  (Credit Image: � Silvia Lore/NurPhoto/ZUMA Wire)

Developing Countries’ Negotiator in Vatican

Pope Francis has emerged as the most effective negotiator for the developing countries.

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‘Ocean’s Eleven’ and Climate Change

The title of Film “Ocean’s Eleven” has already entered into modern dictionaries. Impact of  Climate on Oceans is “Ocean’s eleven” !  

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Dr. Kalam

A man whose dreams will not let us sleep

Yes, he was India’s ‘missile-man’ but more than that he was ‘man of masses’

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Ban Ki Moon yoga

Climate negotiators need to perform Yoga

I dream of a scenario where negotiators and UNFCCC staff perform collective yoga for thirty minutes at the  conference venue. First item on agenda every day.

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Modi-Xi Charakha

Beyond Borders:Modi-Xi & Hsüan-tsang

When I visited Xi’an , in the Central China , when I was in United Nations,  I visited the statue of  Hsüan-tsang. 

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Gite de france Tourism

Reversing Migration:Indo-French Initiative possible?

One year after PM Modi was born, in 1951, a young French Parliamentarian in his 40s,

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Is any one there to rescue us? We are trapped .

Is anyone there to rescue us? And more importantly, is there some one to guide us on how not to get trapped again?Aboard a flight from Seychelles to Dubai, I looked down as the plane was descending.

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Coughing kejriwal 2

Coughing with Scary Mandate : New Delhi’s Air Pollution

The day Arvind Kejriwal led  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP, which means Common Man’s Party) won unprecedented mandate in Delhi’s assembly election, 6500 kms away in City Council in Paris, France was busy in approving  the measures to fight air pollution.

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Make in India Make it green

Make in India Make it Green

   A century back, on 9th January, Mahatma Gandhi made his determined journey to India with a singular goal to ‘Make in India’.

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Back from Bonn Oct 2015
Back from Bonn to Square One-in Copenhagen

Four hour drive from city of Bonn, the seat of the Secretariat of United Nations Frame Work Conventi


Christiana_Figueres, (1)
20 COPs in 23 years: We are now told that one more COP will not transform the world .

Get ready for ‘sustainable negotiations’! We are not yet there. After 23 years and 20 CO


Bottom Acts while Top Keeps Debating: Climate Awards

When Shanti Tekam, a woman from a remote MP village, walked on to the stage on 13 September  night


Le Havre speech
Keeping below 2 deg : Non-State Actors

My speech at Positive Economy Forum at Le Havre- Voluntary Initiatives including that of Private sec


Transfoming Material Greed into Moral Goals

September 2015 will go down in the history of 21st Century as a month when world leaders resolved to