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Tibet Opening Statement

Tibet is land of purity. That purity flows from its blue skies, towering and untouched mountains. It flows from its glaciers and lakes that are the origins of the great rivers in the world. People of Tibet have lived for centuries in harmony with the nature. Nature is their mother and their deities.
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ASHRAE, United Nations Partner on Emission Reduction ATLANTA – On the occasion of the global celebration of World Environment Day (5 June), two international organisations focused on the environment have joined forces to reduce emissions and encourage energy-efficient refrigeration and air conditioning systems and building designs. This agreement takes place in the highly symbolic year ...

China Ozone Day

Our actions today will determine whether children of tomorrow will inherit a world as healthy and as safe as we inherited from our fathers. This is also true for our actions to protect the Ozone layer. However it appears that we need reminding. Such reminder has come today from our children.

Interview with Sydney

The depletion of the Ozone Layer is not uniform around the global skies. Very high depletion of the Ozone concentration is termed as ‘hole’ in the layer. For more than 20 years, a hole as big as USA and as deep as Mount Everest opened over Antarctica every Southern Spring (Northern winter) .The population around and near the Antarctica like that in Australia and Chile has been put at risk.

Interview on the OzonAction

Actually we have been always encouraged by the Executive Committee to focus on the non-investment activities and capacity building activities. We have ever growing programme year after year. Meeting of the Parties always appreciated our efforts. No other IA gets mention of UNEP DTIE as much as we get in terms of appreciation and in terms of doing more.

Interview for Italians

The capacity of refrigeration technicians is built by training through ‘train-the-trainer’ workshops. Altogether the aim hereby is to sensibilize technicans by giving them the necessary informations, solutions, trainings and creating consolidated tools helping them to do their job in a sustainable way.

China OzonAction

The day was 16 September 1995. As Beijing’s sky was being lit with the  autumn morning sun, an inspiring event was unfolding place at Xidan Commercial area, Mr. Xie Zhenhua, then Administrator of NEPA and now Minister of SEPA, and Mr. Liu Yi, then the new Director of China’s Ozone Layer Protection unit, were standing ...
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