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Sealing the Hole and Sealing the Deal Convenient opportunity To address Inconvenient truth.

On 17th September I had pleasure in addressing Foreign Correspondents Club of China in Beijing . Venue was Cultural Center of Indian Embassy . What I enjoyed most was the question answer session with the most brilliant journalists stationed in Beijing and of course samosa and potato bonda with chatuny . Most enjoyable experience indeed. ...
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English in French Ocean

English surrounded by French! That would be the description of Nigeria. Surrounded by five nations that speak French, Nigeria’s English not only survived the siege of French but it also survived the host of more than 500 local languages. No doubt, English has become unifying language of the nation.

Bail-out and Stimulus Package: Yes for Economic crisis, No for Climate crisis?

When markets collapsed and when most of the major banks around the world went kaput, the governments around the world rushed to bail out the market. Almost overnight stimulus packages got prepared, approved by cabinets, politburo, senates, and parliaments and even by executive order depending on the political governing system in the countries.

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