Monthly Archives: January 2014

A call for Shivaji’s forts as world heritage

See on – Oven Fresh Shende said that there were three categories of world heritage sites – namely cultural, natural and mixed (cultural and natural).”Though forts would fall under culture, TERRE is proposing it be put under ‘mixed’ category. rajendrashende‘s insight: Maratha forts were not just military fortification but monuments of ways of  living ...

Dead Indian elephant Joyraj mourned

See on – Oven Fresh 73 year old giant retired hero and ivory owner himself who saved many others, dies in Kazhiranga , India’s World Natural Heritage. RIP.  rajendrashende‘s insight: Indian media is full of scandelous and political death-news and quiet about the death of this exemplary nature hero. Perfect case for doing bio-mimicry. See ...

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