Ovenfresh March, 2016

Emerging ripples in the environmental think-tank.

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Mar 21, 2016 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Signatures on Paris agreement have started before the official 'signing ceremony' invited by UNSG Ban Ki-Moon. Pacific Islands are in forefront. Lesson for developed countries to be ambitious before the entry into force. prescription weight loss pills phentermine

Decoupling global emissions and economic growth claimed by IEA-One sided moon. But it is 60% truth

Mar 18, 2016 | Author: Rajendra Shende

IEA in latest report states that decoupling of Economic Growth and global CO2 emissions is now taking place. It is only 60% true because the analysis is only for energy related CO2 emissions which represent 60 percent of total CO2 emission. We have long way to go.

And Now SDGs. Stupid Distracting Goals?

Mar 07, 2016 | Author: Rajendra Shende

I keep on searching the answer.  How Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs) would address reducing inequality over next 15 years? It is still unanswered question.Even after scores of documents and speeches. 

Spend Less Time Get Better Paid- Melinda Gates Project on Women’s Day

Mar 07, 2016 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Ourare Allaye Temp village in Mondoro region of Mali.
Melinda Gates in her brilliant annual letter jointly written with Bill Gates makes timely and most relevant propositions.Think non-linear. 

Missing the Forest for the Trees-What about Urban Stress on Trees?

Mar 06, 2016 | Author: Rajendra Shende

70 % global population will go Urban in 2050. Urban forestry will relieve the stress for humans, but what about Stress for Trees?

First Ever Climate Acceptance Speech by First Ever Oscar Winner

Mar 05, 2016 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio, as a UN Messenger of Peace with a special focus on climate change, delivered acceptance speech

Two New Superpowers After Cold War-In Hot, Flat and Crowded world

Mar 02, 2016 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Billa and Milinda on Miracle Project
Bill and Melinda Gates share their 2016 Annual Letter. Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.gatesnotes.com Gates get it right when gates for climate options are closing fast See on Scoop.it – Oven Fresh

Murdering the Service Providers with Pesticides Guns.

Mar 01, 2016 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Pollination by butterflies
$235bn and $577bn is the value of annual agricultural production assisted by pollinators like birds,butterflies,beetles and bats, says IPBES.And humans kill these animals by insecticides.