Monthly Archives: July 2018

First Ever Joint India-China Youth Mission for Conservation of Nature

Selection Process start: Three Scholarships ( full cost ) available for this Joint Field Research Expedition Indian students will be sponsored to join the environment research expedition ‘Wildness Training and Reintroduction of Giant Panda’ in China TERRE Policy Centre (India) and Operation Earth (China) have joined hands to form ‘India-China Friendship Association for Environment’. The ...

Indian climatologist on Chinese civil society body

Rajendra Shende, Chairman of TERRE Policy Centre, former Director UNEP, has been appointed as Honorary Chairman of International Advisory Council of the Operation Earth, a leading civil-society organization of China dedicated to biodiversity conservation and global climate change. He also accepted the invitation to be on advisory board CBCDGF and Panda Guide.

‘Campus Sustainability Report’ : First ever by Indian educational institute.

“Hitherto, sustainability reports are prepared by the corporate world.  They gave insight into ther company strategies and robust views on how they adjust their policies and practices to address the current sustainability agenda. However, providing such information by an educational institute and resolving to do so annually is setting a new trend in India”, Rajendra Shende, Chairman ...

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