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Snakes are Ecosystem Managers

Lion and tigers can eat animals by using their paws and teeth.  Snakes do the same by injecting venom and swallowing predators.  Snakes, however, have one more important role: they manage the food chain for all the animals on the earth! They eat predators like rodents ( example-rat) who are massive food-eaters. Rodents also multiply ...

India China

A truce with difference India and China-Eternal neighbors with Ephemeral trust

By Rajendra Shende, Chairman TERRE Policy centre, former Director UNEP, IIT Alumnus Also Appeared in: The Indian media, centres of strategic studies, retired diplomats as well as so-called China-watchers had vintage time over a couple of months in airing their ‘old-wine-in-new-bottle’ views on India-China conflict in the Western Himalaya. The stand-off was filled and punctuated ...

A Guru who believed that real classrooms are outside the school buildings.

By Rajendra Shende, Chairman TERRE Policy Centre, Former Director UNEP Hanmantrao Subhedar Shinde was my inspiration and my dearest teacher (Guru)  during my education in primary school. That was in a dry and dusty town called Vaduj in Khatav Taluka. He passed away a year and a half back on 30th January 2019. Khatav Taluka is in ...

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