Not Zero Net Zero by Smart Campus Cloud Network Not Zero Net Zero What is needed is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the maximum extent and then offset the rest of it by tree plantation to make it net-zero’ READ ARTICLE Environment and Emergency are Synonyms Now the ozone layer is on path of recovery. Unfortunately, we have not repeated that success in other global environmental issues. READ ARTICLE Primetime with Dr Raghunath Mashelkar In dialogue with India’s Prime Scientist when Prime Minister Modi was dialoguing with the nation on 16th January 2021. READ ARTICLE Generation Unlimited-3.5 billion - by Dr Rajendra Shende Generation Unlimited-3.5 billion My generation has failed to respond properly to the global challenges we face. READ ARTICLE GO TO VIDEO

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It is time for the students in the universities and colleges to bring in the revolutionary solution to the air pollution. Simply because they are the potential users of digital technologies that bring in the transparent measurement to the air pollution on real time online basis . And what can be measured is managed. More over, what can be measured transparently can be managed with transformation.

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