Two Years of Giving back -NewsLeTERRE

earth-from-space-wallpaper-6 Nov 2014

Two years of NewsLeTERRE. Two years of adding meaning sustainable living. Two years of giving back, satisfaction and rejuvenation. Two years of Emergence of ideas of giving back to our TERRE. (more…)

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United Nations Pipe-Dreams -Climate Change and Biodiversity


UNSG Climate Summit

Is a Global Climate Treaty Only a Pipe Dream? UN Secretary General wakes up the global leaders (more…)

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Come September

Come september UNSG sept 2014

Come September and TERRE has lined up events-Global and Local. TERRE is invited for UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit (more…)

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Hon. Minister Javadekar’s message for NewsLeTERRE


Rio+20 identified Poverty Eradication as essential requirement of sustainable development. (more…)

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Dating with the Monsoon : News from India


Dating with Monsoon

1.25 billions of Indians have date with Monsoon every year. And 196 member-states of the world had date with United Nations to discuss environmental priorities.


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World Environment Day 2014 Special issue


Raise your voice not sea level.That is the theme of WED -2014. We also have to raise our bar in our ambitious GHG reduction targets and not just a voice.Read.. (more…)

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NewsLeTERRE May 2014


JharkhandPrime Minister’s Rural Development (PMRD) Fellow is doing extraordinary work in Sarand, Jharkhand the most backward and tribal area of India. (more…)

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Renewables Shine even in Financial Crisis

Financing renewables

Bucking the general financial trends, Renewables make their ‘hand prints’ . Inspiring .


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CAFE but not about Starbucks

car fuel

CAFÉ regulations in USA are all about vehicle fuel efficiency.  Healthy ecosystems make poor wealthy. Bail out on Wall Street could fill the bellies of poor! Read more in latest NewsLeTERRE. (more…)

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Happy New Year- 2014


2014 has arrived with winds of change which are quite visible across the globe, particularly in Indian social and political scenario. The question is if  such sweeping changes would transform our lives and the ecosystems for sustainability ? Read the first issue of NewsLeTERRE of brand new 2014. (more…)

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End of 2013 News LeTERRE


Resolutions, Resolutions and Resolutions. End of 2013 will result into many resolutions. Aiming for Mandela’s fortitude and resolute personality could be one of them. Read the NewsLeTERRE.

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Wild Life week in India

Rihno in Kaziranga

In the year 1952 with a view to preserve the wild life of India, particularly to take urgent preventive measures to counter the extinction of any species, the Government of India established an Indian Board of Wild Life (IBWL). (more…)

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The day IPCC delivers report-TERRE delivers a message

ozone layer special issue

On the day IPCC delivers Fifth Assessment Report on Science of Climate change in Stockholm, TERRE Policy Centre is pleased to deliver special issue of its NewLeTERRE on the subject where the Scientific Assessment of Ozone layer that started generation back made the world take successful action.

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NewsLeTERRE Organic Farming

Organic Framing

World making good progress but we are not yet there. Read latest NewsLeTERRE on Organic Farming

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Energy Efficiency is Sixth Fuel.


New Energy Secretary of USA E.Moinz has priorities laid out . TERRE dedicates the latest NewsLeTERRE to energy efficiency news.Princeton University Energy and Climate Scholars ( PECS) and TERRE launch energy efficiency campus project in India .

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Cash from Trash

Waste management is green business

Waste management is green business

Latest news letter on emerging possibilities in Waste Managment . It is employment creating Green Business.



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Special Issue for Earth Day: 3R


Read the origins of 3R in Chairman’s message with the idea of extending it to 5R. And do not miss the news on New York city’s mayor who changed his mind for the better. Finally, would there be an entrepreneur from ‘ Young India’ intersted and willing to start a venture that consists of exporting garbage to Norway?  Read inside There is strong demand in that area.

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Earth Day 2013 in a Village


Student Study lampTERRE Members went in remote villages to celebrate Earth Day 2013. It engaged a leading private sector- Persistent Systems – a global company specializing in software product and technology services with its customers spread across North America, Europe, and Asia. TERRE, a global NGO with its partners in Italy, Scotland and USA jointly embarked on reaching out to local villages in India in hot summer of more than 40-degree cent temperature. This collaboration between private sector and NGO was not on Cloud Computing or on verticals.  But it was to introduce solar desktop study lamps to remote villages in hilly area of Western Ghats.

TERRE and Persistent reached out to poor students, their teachers and parents and offered solar study-lamps and demonstrated how to use them. Students who travelled for hours to participate in the event returned with ‘ light’ in their hands. Public Private Partnership in action! And Earth Day well celebrated.

Message of Earth Day-2013, therefore is :  Sun gives high temperature, but it also gives ‘ light’ to poor students.

 See photos:


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Earth Day NewsLeTERRE

EarthTalkEarthDay2013Can we write about Earth Day without referring to Climate Change? Most of the International and National organizations would respond negatively. (more…)

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Valentine to Earth: NewsLeTERRE

i-love-earth1February is the month of love. We at TERRE thought why not dedicate this volume to show our love to the Mother Earth. This volume would be our Valentine to the Earth.

NewsLeTERRE 1 Feb 2013

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Restoring Natural Heritage: Working together: Key to success.

Kamandalu cleaning RahimatpurWe in India may be some times slow in making progress. But not always. Example:  what happened in Rahimatpur on 29th April 2012.


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Durbane Debates when China Charts Change

Casale Monferrato, Italy, December 2012. The day Durban meeting on Climate Change ended, a Chinese delegation from the Ministry of the Environment (MEP), Universities and the Industry Association planned the action to address climate change and ozone layer protection. The meeting took place in the in the Italian capital for  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning- Casale  Monferrato. (more…)

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First time I stepped on the soil of nation which holds nearly quarter of world’s oil reserves. Saudi Arabia is world’s oil-power.


Third from Left : His Royal Highness Prince (HRH) Turki bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz,

March , 26, 2010:  I recently initiated a joint high level mission of UNEP and UNIDO embarked on a joint high level mission to Jeddah capital of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we held extensive discussions with His Royal Highness Prince (HRH) Turki bin Nasser bin Abdul Aziz, the President of Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) on Saudi Arabia’s non-compliance with the Montreal Protocol.

Environment is indeed a priority issue for Saudi Arabia . However the mechanism of implementation of the Montreal Protocol fell in the cracks of the heavy system there. The Action Plan to return to compliance, the need to strengthen the National Ozone Unit (NOU), ratification of Beijing and Montreal amendments and challenges of HCFC phase out, considering that Saudi Arabia is among the 10 largest HCFC consuming countries in the world, were the highlights of the discussions.

HRH Prince Turki assured UNEP-UNIDO representatives of his country’s commitment to return to compliance. Please read interesting dialogue with him and my thoughts on:

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Partnership between UNEP OzonAction and Afghanistan

un-afghan parnershipWould this be small step to solve the giant smuggling issue in Afghanistan?

Bangkok, 23 March 2010 –When the problem is formidable, forming a partnership to address it is the best way to proceed. Today a rock solid  partnership was forged to combat the illegal trade in chemicals which destroy the earth’s protective ozone layer and contribute to climate change. The partnership was cemented through the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the United Nations Environment Programme, Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (UNEP DTIE) OzonAction Programme, Afghanistan’s National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) and Afghanistan’s Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance (ACD) at a ceremony held today at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand.

Afghanistan is facing an unprecedented challenge in relation to illegal trade and security.  The smuggling of environmentally sensitive commodities such as ozone depleting chemicals has been a soft target for the creative smugglers and environmental  criminals. Drug smuggling is always in focus in Afghanistan. Smugglers , knowing attention is mainly on drugs, make environmental crime as an easy target. can Today’s agreement establishes a framework for collaboration on customs training and capacity building initiatives for customs officers in Afghanistan. The partnership will contribute to strengthening environmental security in the country and enable ozone issues to be mainstreamed in Afghanistan’s capacity building efforts.

“Despite the difficult and challenging situation in the country, Afghanistan has so far succeeded in achieving compliance with the Montreal Protocol that Deplete the Ozone Layer through its determined efforts to phase out ozone depleting substances (ODS). Monitoring the cross border trade in ODS has been the key success factor in accomplishing this” said Rajendra Shende, Head of UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme. “Today Afghanistan has demonstrated to the world its determination to protect the ozone layer and has stepped up its efforts to prevent the illegal trade in ODS. UNEP will stand shoulder to shoulder and support Afghanistan in all these efforts”, Mr Shende continued.

“ACD launched a Customs Academy in Kabul in January 2010. With the objective of improving and modernising the customs service, we are proud and ready to be part of this ozone capacity building initiative by developing a relevant training curriculum and  monitoring the training courses, as well as collecting information on ODS seizures and illegal ODS trends” said Mr. Said Mubin Shah, Deputy Minister of Customs and Revenue, ACD.

“NEPA is expected to play a major role in environmental protection, especially in ozone layer protection. One of our key roles is to provide training to customs officers, including providing training materials tailored for Afghanistan, as well as information on the latest developments of the Montreal Protocol and other technical support related to ozone issues” said Mr. Mostapha Zaher, Director General of NEPA.

Porous land borders with neighbouring countries provide the major routes for the illegal ODS trade. In an effort to promote actions to curb illegal trade in these chemicals, UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme has been facilitating border dialogue consultations between Afghanistan and neighbouring countries to discuss mechanisms to jointly address illegal trade issues. Following the ceremony today UNEP DTIE OzonAction Programme have organised a meeting between Afghanistan’s National Ozone Officer, NEPA, ACD, and experts from India, Iran and UNEP to discuss the challenges of control and monitoring of ODS, and relevant issues common to Afghanistan and its neighbouring countries.


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