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India Is Not China-Peaking Emissions

peaking emissions

I was interviewed by French Journalist when President Obama Visited New Delhi. Many expected that India would announce the year its emissions will peak-as was done by China when Obama visited Bejing earlier. Here is brief interview on page 4 of Ouest France. (more…)

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Chairman Mao’s Home Province Hunan: Is there still to learn from farmers?

China Farmer factory

Food Security , a Challenge for China in wake of soil degradation. Interviews with Chinese Farmer, Vice-minister of land and resources, NGO, and a scholar. Extract from China Daily and New York Times. (more…)

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Partial Eclipse: Solar Crisis and Sun Shine

solar-eclipse wind mill -2012

I was invited to write an article on the occasion of OECD Forum of May 2013 about recent ups and downs of the progress and prospects of   PV modules and panels in context of its falling prices.  Read the article that was published in special issue of OECD Forum: “Partial Eclipse”. (more…)

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May Revolution in China

China Long March

This time it is about cooling with flammable refrigerants

26th May 2013

Come May. My Chinese history-buds start sensing a revolution in the air. I recall discussing with the Chinese professors way back in 1993, when China was cracking open the doors to outsiders, the root causes and impacts of well -known Forth May Revolution that began in Beijing University in 1919.

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Sealing the Hole and Sealing the Deal Convenient opportunity To address Inconvenient truth.

On 17th September I had pleasure in addressing Foreign Correspondents Club of China in Beijing . Venue was Cultural Center of Indian Embassy . What I enjoyed most was the question answer session with the most brilliant journalists stationed in Beijing and of course samosa and potato bonda with chatuny . Most enjoyable experience indeed. Extract:


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China OzonAction

The day was 16 September 1995. As Beijing’s sky was being lit with the  autumn morning sun, an inspiring event was unfolding place at Xidan Commercial area, Mr. Xie Zhenhua, then Administrator of NEPA and now Minister of SEPA, and Mr. Liu Yi, then the new Director of China’s Ozone Layer Protection unit, were standing at the huge entrance of the market along with other high government officers and UNEP’s representatives. They were distributing UNEP posters translated into Chinese to the consumers that had come there for holiday shopping. The message Mr. Xie and Mr. Yi were giving with the help of UNEP was simple: do not buy products containing Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) – they destroy the Earth’s ozone shield. To attract the shoppers’ attention, NEPA had arranged for a band of school children to be present to sing songs about environmental protection.

There were no international consultants, no scientific lectures, and no great speeches. The event took place on an open street and the audience consisted of the common people. While the sun over their heads emitted powerful UV rays, the Minister emitted a more powerful message about the need to protect our ozone layer. On the same day, NEPA replicated the message and distributed UNEP’s posters at a number of bustling shopping malls throughout Beijing and all around China. It was event that symbolised the beginning of  ‘grass-roots’ capacity building in China for the protection of the ozone layer.

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