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May Revolution in China

China Long March

This time it is about cooling with flammable refrigerants

26th May 2013

Come May. My Chinese history-buds start sensing a revolution in the air. I recall discussing with the Chinese professors way back in 1993, when China was cracking open the doors to outsiders, the root causes and impacts of well -known Forth May Revolution that began in Beijing University in 1919.

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Durbane Debates when China Charts Change

Casale Monferrato, Italy, December 2012. The day Durban meeting on Climate Change ended, a Chinese delegation from the Ministry of the Environment (MEP), Universities and the Industry Association planned the action to address climate change and ozone layer protection. The meeting took place in the in the Italian capital for  Refrigeration and Air Conditioning- Casale  Monferrato. (more…)

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