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Future They Do Not Want. UNEP’s success at UNESCO’s celebrations. The real Road Show


One of the swan-song-projects that I undertook when I was leading the global capacity building activities in United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in Paris was rather out-of-box. (more…)

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Why did we land in this problem?

Modi Obama HFCsThis  year  is 325th anniversary of the French revolution that changed the world, and India hopes to see in Paris next year in 2015, yet another revolution on climate change to reset the world clock towards climate resilient society.


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After 30 years of protecting the ozone layer, some reasons to be cheerful

It sometimes feels as if environmental news is never good news, but that certainly isn’t true when it comes to the ozone layer. The UN has announced that the ozone layer is showing “signs of recovery…


During  1985 to 1987 the world leaders had difficult negotiations to save the Ozone Layer. But when the going gets tough, tough gets going. UNEP’s 2014 Scientific Assessment for the first time provides the  first signs that ozone is on the upswing. In particular, if you look at observations in the Northern mid-latitudes at an altitude of 42 km, we see that ozone has increased over the 2000 to 2013 period. 


Environmental news can be good news 

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Resolution Made When Millennium Dawned:


2014 resolutions sand

Where it stands and what next?

The world leaders in year 2000, which heralded new millennium, made historic resolution like never before. (more…)

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India Reclaiming Global Leadership on Climate Change

manmohanandobama 2A miniscule spot of light that I see at the end of two decades-long tunnel of climate negotiations. Amidst the crisis filled dark world –Syria, Finance, Terror, Quantitative Easing, loss of biodiversity, water, food , fossil fuels and so on


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The Shangri-La-Man’s Mission Impossible!

Ritu First from Right  

Ozone Protector from Bhutan Gets elected to the parliament.

 Talking to Ritu Raj Chhetri in Thimpu, capital of Bhutan, over telephone from Amsterdam in the Netherlands was like talking to some one who is much nearer to Stratospheric Ozone Layer from the place which is vertically farthest from it. Thimpu is third highest capital-city in the world. Amsterdam is one of the lowest capital-city in the world with its height below mean sea level. (more…)

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Margaret Thatcher and Barack Obama- Lessons in Chemistry

Lesson In Chemistry

Roll back, fast backward-exactly 23 years.  27th June of year 1990, I was in the audience listening to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the International Maritime Organization (IMO) headquarters located on the banks of river Thames in London. (more…)

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May Revolution in China

China Long March

This time it is about cooling with flammable refrigerants

26th May 2013

Come May. My Chinese history-buds start sensing a revolution in the air. I recall discussing with the Chinese professors way back in 1993, when China was cracking open the doors to outsiders, the root causes and impacts of well -known Forth May Revolution that began in Beijing University in 1919.

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Lesson for the Climate Treaty

China speechThe Climate Change treaty, struggling to reach a global agreement has valuable lessons from the Montreal Protocol a remarkable success story. In the interview I outline the elements that can change the game.


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Launching of Education Pack

educpak15TH September 2006
New Delhi, India
His Excellency Minister of Environment and Forests, Hon. Dignitaries, high level officials from various Ministries, teachers and students from New Delhi schools, friends, ladies and gentlemen, on the occasion of the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, it is my pleasure on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme to join our colleagues from the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation and the World Health Organisation to launch the new OzonAction Education Pack. Ozone Day is the annual event in which countries around the world commemorate the signing of the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer on 16 September 1987. The theme for this year’s Ozone Day is “Protect the Ozone Layer: Save Life on Earth”. (more…)

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