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Hon. Minister Javadekar’s message for NewsLeTERRE


Rio+20 identified Poverty Eradication as essential requirement of sustainable development. (more…)

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Resolution Made When Millennium Dawned:


2014 resolutions sand

Where it stands and what next?

The world leaders in year 2000, which heralded new millennium, made historic resolution like never before. (more…)

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Paragraph Number 284 : Future We Want

Rio+20Confused and dejected, I walked out in the evening of 22 June 2012 from the expansive  ‘Riocentre’, a conference venue   on the western end of Rio De Janeiro, once a capital and famous beach-city of Brazil. That was the last day of the event, mathematically titled as “Rio+20”, denoting 20th Anniversary of the famous landmark in the history of the civilization-called ‘Earth Summit’. It was drizzling outside and air was humid and cold. (more…)

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