China OzonAction

China OzonAction

China has come long way since then. With such hands on experiences in capacity building supported by UNEP, SEPA is now in confident position to face the major challenges of meeting China’s compliance targets with the Montreal Protocol.

China has extended this “grass roots” approach to the regional arena by becoming an active participant in South-South cooperation, whereby it shares its experience and lessons learned in capacity building and national compliance activities with other countries. Recently, Mr. Liu Yi and Mr Yang Lirong provided assistance to their counterparts in DPR Korea to help prepare the latter’s Country Programme Update, and share China’s experiences with organising public awareness campaigns such as the market event described above. As it does in other parts of the world, as an implementing agency of the Multilateral Fund UNEP encouraged and facilitated this South-South Cooperation to leverage existing capacity in developing countries to address implementation challenges under the Montreal Protocol. UNEP believes that in many cases, countries in the same region are in the best position to work on a one-to-one basis with their neighbours to solve global environmental problems since they often have similar societal conditions, and solutions that work in one country often are relevant to neighbouring countries.

UNEP is sure that, taking cue from China’s ‘grass-roots’ experience, soon the shoppers in Pyongyang will be informed of buying only ODS-free products!

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