Natural Refrigeration – IIR Ammonia Conference

Natural Refrigeration – IIR Ammonia Conference

Importance of natural refrigerants in safeguarding climate system and ensuring the sustainable development.
Rajendra Shende, Head
OzonAction Programme, UNEP DTIE
Key note speech at the International Conference by IIR
Ammonia refrigeration system, renewal and improvements
May 6-8, 2005 Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia
I would like to sincerely thank IIR and particularly Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of University of Sv.Kiril and Metodij of Skopje for inviting me here to deliver, a keynote lecture.  The conference on ‘Ammonia refrigerating Systems, Renewal and Improvement’ is taking place at a very crucial time. It is also taking place at the most appropriate place on the earth- in the city of Ohrid. And there could not have been a better combination of organisers than IIR and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Skopje.

We are in fact at the heart of Europe in this serene city of Ohrid known for its magical combination of pristine nature and human development. This eternal town’s history represents the successful struggle of  a civilisation to maintain a unique harmony with nature. Refrigeration using ammonia, which is also a natural refrigerant, represents the true symbol of what human efforts can achieve in keeping harmony with nature and how the development process can be achieved with sustainability. My congratulations to the organisers, and I would like to mention the efforts of Dr. Risto, for making choice of this city for the Conference.

In my talk today, I would like to focus on the role of refrigeration in the human development, the way refrigeration and air conditioning industry has responded to the challenges of the climate change and ozone layer depletion and  howthe industry and the governments could further contribute to sustainable development through the technology innovation and appropriate policies.

Rajendra Shende

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