Behind every efficiency there stands a woman

Women have a crucial role in everyone’s life especially in childhood as being the first person teaching us the basics about the life.

Leveraging Women Energy for Energy Efficiency.

Between 1990 and 2011, primary energy consumption in Turkey has increased more than double. Turkey’s primary energy consumption in 2011 was 114.8 Mtoe, compared to 52.6 Mtoe level in 1990. The rise of income and rapid urbanization has been stimulating the primary energy demand. Recent studies estimate that the primary energy demand will increase at an average of 3.5 % annually for the next decade (Turkish National Committee of the World Energy Council, 2012). Turkey’s annual electricity demand has tripled since 1990, reaching 229 TWh in 2011. Electricity use in the residential and commercial sector accounts for 25 % of final energy consumption. The largest share of the building sector’s energy consumption (75% of the total energy mix) belongs to heating, cooling, and domestic hot water needs.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey has the potential to cut 15 to 20 percent of total consumption through energy conservation. But creating a market for energy efficiency hinges not only on successful private sector involvement, but also on support from individual level.

The government has enacted legislative and regulatory reforms, but an enabling environment has not been enough. Although energy efficiency is a government priority, the strategy cannot be embraced only by the private sector. Indeed, the individuals consisting the society need to be motivated and educated on increasing the energy efficiency especially on house-hold levels.


Women have a crucial role in everyone’s life especially in childhood as being the first person teaching us the basics about the life. However, women’s role is not limited to being mother, they are in charge of managing and operating the house even if they have another professional
career on-going. Therefore, in order to succeed in any kind of raising awareness project the women have been always considered the focal point.

TERRE and Energy Efficiency Association of Turkey, Nigeria and Earth Network of India have luanched a project for country-wide programme to leverage Women potential for implenting and contributing to India’s target for achiveing Energy Intensity and Energy Efficiency


TERRE, India , NGO in Nigeria, the Energy Efficiency Association of Turkey and Earth Network of India would initiate a project to :

• Raise awareness on the importance of energy efficiency on the household-level with the help of custom-made training sessions prepared especially for housewifes.

• Train women through practical sessions, TV programmes, social media on common mistakes on inefficient usage of the electricity in the houses were covered and simple measures to reduce the electricity bill were explained.

• Demonstrate the house hold saving through reduced electricity bills reduced after implementing the simple measures.

• Promote good practise as a point of departure for other developing nations based on their own needs and character. Therefore, the aim of the session is to exchange experiences and identify the lessons learned to find the best appropriate method to increase the role of women on energy efficiency.

• Create voluntary groups of women ( SHGs) for multiplying effects through capacity bulding of volunteers on :
– Why women’s actions are very important when it comes to energy efficiency?
– How women can help the world on increasing the energy efficiency in every part of their life – i.e. at work and at home?
– What are the barriers against women to leverage their concentration on taking energy efficiency actions in their lives?
– How the governments can support these actions?
Expeted Outcome:

• Contribute to India’s national target on Energy eficiency
• Savings at family level and at national level
• Reduced pollution
• Family level awareness for future generation.
• Engage geneder balance in climate change issue.



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