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Indian climatologist on Chinese civil society body

Rajendra Shende, Chairman of TERRE Policy Centre, former Director UNEP, has been appointed as Honorary Chairman of International Advisory Council of the Operation Earth, a leading civil-society organization of China dedicated to biodiversity conservation and global climate change. He also accepted the invitation to be on advisory board CBCDGF and Panda Guide.

Protecting the Borders as well as ecosystems

We all heard of heroic stories of Indian Army who protect our national borders. We are able to take quiet and undisturbed sleep only because of the soldiers that are awake to protect us. But have you heard of Indian army protecting our environment with the same spirit as they protect the national borders?

TERRE joins hands with International Youth Committee: Campus Cloud

TERRE Policy Centre and The International Youth Committee (IYC) join hands for skill building initiative for youth of the world through transforming their campuses to Smart Campuses.  The International Youth Committee (IYC) is an International Youth Organization working to provide a policy framework and practical guidelines for national action and international support to improve the ...

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