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ambien diarrhea NY

Dec 02, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

to be or not to be (1)
Probably there is no other best-known and widely used phrase to express a dilemma and conundrum than “To be or not To be”!

Transfoming Material Greed into Moral Goals

Oct 11, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

September 2015 will go down in the history of 21st Century as a month when world leaders resolved to walk the road to the new world free of poverty and inequality. Newsle terre vol-10-issue-october-2015 from TERRE Policy Centre

Changing the History by Changing the Geography.

Sep 10, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Rajendra_Singh (1)
 He picked the spade and shovel thirty-five years back and started digging and building ‘johads’, the earthen dams,

He never became Teacher but he will be Teacher for ever

Aug 12, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Dr. Kalam
The Man whose Dreams will not let us Sleep.

Flooding everywhere, but all was not bad

Jul 10, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

renewable energy
With the splash of the monsoon comes cool and fresh breeze.There was flash and whiff of good news about renewable energy as well. That too when Oil prices were searching the bottom.

Just see it. 10 billion us. One Planet .

Jun 04, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Visual News letter June 2015
See and listen to my message on World Environment Day of 5th June 2015. It is not just a message but five point action plan .

Looking Down to Earth and Celebrate

May 05, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

International Year of soil
The greatest hurdle in  solving a planet’s problem today is the people’s mind-set. That mind set keeps us away from talking about SOIL, on which we walk, play, drive, build houses and produce food. 2015 is International Year of Soil.

From five star Hotel to Dusty Villages in India

Apr 05, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

TERRE launches water-awareness marches in dusty villages to reach the message of UNESCO ‘Water Report’ released in five star hotel.

Sustainable development with young innovators and fresh minds

Mar 16, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

March issue NL
The world took 150 years to realize that the invention of incandescent bulbs is the most inefficient way of lighting homes, 90% of energy consumed by incandescent bulbs goe for heating and remaining only 10 % for lighting.

Bullet Proof Leaders Climate Proof Cheers

Feb 08, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Modi Obama
When President Obama alighted from his bulletproof car on Raj path of New Delhi, on 26th January 2015, I was standing not far from there.