Developed countries now have answer to their 100 Billion dollar question!

Prakash Javadekar at press conferenceCoal production tax in India is raised six fold to $6 a tonne. If the developed countries follow this example, $100 billion per year as promised by the developed countries in Paris climate agreement can be easily raised by  the developed countries to give to developing countries.

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar will travel this week to New York, where the United States, China and other leading economies will formally accede to the Paris climate change accord forged in December.

In an interview with Reuters, Javadekar called on developed countries like the United States to raise a green tax on their coal production to help create a $100 billion-a-year fund to help poorer countries tackle climate change.

Javadekar, who was in Paris when 200 countries forged the landmark agreement, is citing the example of India, which has raised the coal production tax to $6 a tonne from $1 in a bid to make it more expensive to consume the dirty fuel.

Below are edited excerpts from the interview:


As far as Paris is concerned, the essential issue was that the differentiation should remain as far as responsibility is concerned. And in the Paris agreement, it is very clearly mentioned that the developed world will take absolute emission cuts and developing world will reduce emission as well as energy intensity.


This is one great idea that India has brought on the table even before we sign the Paris agreement. Our tax was $1 a tonne when we assumed office in May 2014. Within two years, we’ve jumped from $1 to $6 a tonne. That’s the highest taxation on coal production. This means a lot. It’s 15 percent of the cost of production.

Most countries are levying only $1 a tonne. If they (developed world) follow India and levy $5-6 per tonne on coal production, $100 billion can be easily mobilized. That is important. Because the developed world is taking a plea that $100 billion is not possible. Today, on the table, is only $10 billion. Even a country like the U.S. is promising only $3 billion.

We have a very ambitious energy mix plan. We’ve planned 40 percent of our energy mix capacity from non-fossil fuel by 2030. That’s the highest. Even the United States is not doing this.

We’re doing the world’s largest renewable programme of 175 gigawatt. Our coal consumption is less than the U.S. and China. We’re the world’s fourth-largest coal consumer but we’ve 17 percent of the world’s population. Our per capita use is much less that China, Europe and America.

We’ve taxed our polluting vehicles. We’re incentivising hybrid and electric vehicles, giving them subsidy.


Drought is a reality. It’s a natural cycle. For the last 30 years, we’re experiencing droughts in different parts of the country. The permanent remedy is — the emphasis on water conservation through water shed development, connecting rivers. India has 17 percent of the world’s population, but only 4 percent of fresh rain water resources. We’re tapping our full potential.


We’re allowing trials. The scientific and safe trials will take at least 7-8 years to complete. Only one proposal we’ve received and that is on mustard. It’s just been there for four months. Three meetings have happened. We’re considering it but the safety of food is a very important aspect of India’s ethos. So we’ve asked for more information and they’re supplying.

Europe is not using GM. Every country takes decisions as per its national policy. We’re not stopping science from progressing. That’s our policy.END

Ref : Reuters



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Gates gets it right, but gates are closing soon.

Bill GatesBill Gates gets it right on clean energy but he is  even more right that gates are closing soon. (more…)

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Indo-French Partnership Led to COP21 Success: USA looks on

Secretary_Kerry_Looks_at_a_Book_Presented_to_Him_by_Indian_Minister_for_the_Environment,_Forest,_and_Climate_Change_Prakash_Javadekar_Before_Their_Meeting_at_COP21_in_Paris_(23532297261)The success of Climate Change Summit in Paris in December owes a lot to a strategic partnership between India and France and the outcome has further strengthened this bond, says Javadekar. (more…)

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Ending climate change begins in the city

Smoke and silhouette of industrial buildings, Dunedin, South Island, New Zealand

FRANCE 24 TV’s special series on the Paris Climate Conference, interview with Rajendra Shende. (more…)

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Chinese Characters Get Hazy :Coal or Renewables

China Air pollution Achim Steiner (1)

Air Pollution in Chinese cities risks China’s clarity on renewables. China could decouple its economic growth from its carbon footprint and air pollution.  (more…)

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20 COPs in 23 years: We are now told that one more COP will not transform the world .

Christiana_Figueres, (1)Get ready for ‘sustainable negotiations’! We are not yet there. After 23 years and 20 COPs,UNFCCC says 21st COP will  not decide the transformation.  (more…)

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President Obama’s ‘insane’ approval for Arctic drilling

Former-Vice-President-Algore crticises obama It is ‘insane’ on part of President Obama to approve drilling for oil in Arctic , says Al Gore, in rare criticism of Obama’s policies.  (more…)

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Have courage to think differently, travel to unexplored path-Dr Kalam

Dr. KalamDr. APJ Abdul Kalam talks his heart out and makes us reflect inwards.

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Underwhelmed: G 7 Summit’s pledges on climate change

France 24 June 2015In my interview by Francois Picard , well recognized expert-anchor at France 24 ,a French TV, immediately after G7 Summit 2015 in Schloss Elmau, (more…)

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Paris Climate Meeting: Enforcing the Change or Making it way of life?

France 24 Addition to oil

What does it take to make us change our ways with regard to climate change? The last major climate change summit in Copenhagen in 2009 ended in failure, with few consequences for those present. But temperatures are rising and extreme weather patterns have got worse. When does it become politically worth it to enforce change? And when it does it also start making good business sense?

France 24 Addition to oil

Watch debate on French TV ” France24″ in two parts

The part one link is :

The part two link is :




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Soiling the mind? No, it is like cleaning the vision.

International Year Soils_Year

This interview will clean your mind about the soil that feeds the world. Read what Soil Experts say on the occasion of GlobalSoil Week 2015 (more…)

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Technology Transfer : My l’intervista ( Interview) in Italian Avvenire.

with italians

We must combine tradition and new techniques, technology transfers could be both ways : north to south and south to north. My speech in Italy, Milan  (more…)

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India Is Not China-Peaking Emissions

peaking emissions

I was interviewed by French Journalist when President Obama Visited New Delhi. Many expected that India would announce the year its emissions will peak-as was done by China when Obama visited Bejing earlier. Here is brief interview on page 4 of Ouest France. (more…)

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100 years back Mahatma returned to India .

RMS and world map

100 years back 9th January 1915 Mahatma Gandhi returned to India to unleash it from the British Rule, Media India group interviewed me, as one of the Non-Resident Indian, (more…)

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Achim Steiner on Post-2015 scenario

 © CHLietzmann

Achim Steiner, UN USG and ED of UNEP speaks candidly on post-2015 agenda for Sustainable Development. Most thoughtful.  (more…)

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Financial Crisis and United Nations

UN flag

The world leaders know that UN is the only show in the town, only multilateral platform to address the global and regional concerns. UN is indispensible when it comes to handling multitude of crisis that are interlinked. Interview given by Rajendra Shende, Chairman TERRE Policy Centre to a newspaper in India, 2014. (more…)

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Dr. Newman of NASA interviewed by Rajendra Shende, TERRE on Status of Ozone Layer

Ozone Paul New man

Dr. Paul Newman, Chief Scientist for Atmospheric Sciences Earth Sciences Division of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, USA answered in cyber space key questions of Rajendra Shende, Chairman TERRE. (more…)

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With Navi Radjou: Author of Jugaad Innovation -a best seller

JugadNavi Radjou , author of the best seller ‘ Jugaad Innovation’, Silicon Valley strategist and fellow at, University of Cambridge, and a World Economic Forum faculty member, talks to me ,  (more…)

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How resource scarcity is driving the third Industrial Revolution


Will shortages of energy, materials, food, and water put the brakes on global growth? Far from it. The authors of the new book Resource Revolution argue that high resource prices are spurring innovations powerful enough to unlock a new phase of global economic growth. (more…)

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Western Ghats Maratha Forts should be in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List


Rajendra Shende gave interview to journalists  of  State of Maharashtra, India in Jan 2014 which was disseminated during conference held in one of the forts : Sajjan Gad near Mr. Shende’s home town (more…)

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Chairman Mao’s Home Province Hunan: Is there still to learn from farmers?

China Farmer factory

Food Security , a Challenge for China in wake of soil degradation. Interviews with Chinese Farmer, Vice-minister of land and resources, NGO, and a scholar. Extract from China Daily and New York Times. (more…)

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Paul Newman of NASA on Occasion of Ozone Day

Paul speakingChincoteague, Virginia: on hurricane aircraft field mission at the Wallops Island Flight Facility, Paul Newman responds to the key questions on 14th Sept 2013. (more…)

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Impacts of Climate Change on Vineyards

Climate Change Impact on Wine
Viticulture is famously sensitive to climate and changes in wine production have been used as a proxy to elucidate past climate change. I was interviewed on Canal+ D8 le JT in Paris on the study published by the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that existing vineyards in south of France are likely to vanish.

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Lesson for the Climate Treaty

China speechThe Climate Change treaty, struggling to reach a global agreement has valuable lessons from the Montreal Protocol a remarkable success story. In the interview I outline the elements that can change the game.


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