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Wind Vision | Department of Energy

Drilling the vision? Time has come for USA  to come clear on its Renewable vision and fossil actions. Latest USA Report on Wind Vision, is inspiring, 35% electricity by wind in 2050. And now here comes news that BP started drilling in Arctic.   Sourced through from: There are inspiring pledges by USA ...

Earth’s biodiversity is in 6th Extinction phase.

The Earth has entered a “new period of extinction”, a study by three US universities concludes, and humans could be among the first casualties. Sourced through from: Since 1900, the report says, more than 400 more vertebrates had disappeared. We humans,  the smartes vertebrates are already ‘ walking  Extincts’. We have no backbone ...

India’s environment policies: A year of change

By Rajendra Shende   The only legacy of the previous government that India’s Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar carries with him is the name of the building from which he operates – Indira Prayavaran Bhavan (Indira Environment House).  Everything else about him portrays a refreshingly stark Indian aspirations and sculpting of ...

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