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Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? I am sure many of you remember this childhood question posed to your father or mother. Remember? You were tired walking with them hanging on to their hand, or bag or purse and wondering how long this walk is going to take before you reach home-sweet-home.

Bail-out and Stimulus Package: Yes for Economic crisis, No for Climate crisis?

By Rajendra Shende, rmshende@unep.org 29 June 2009 When markets collapsed and when most of the major banks around the world went kaput, the governments around the world rushed to bail out the market. Almost overnight stimulus packages got prepared, approved by cabinets, politburo, senates, and parliaments and even by executive order depending on the political ...

Doha Round

by Rajendra Shende, rmshende@unep.fr 23 December 2008 Doha is a quiet city in a land that protrudes in the Arabian Gulf, a perfect example of a peninsula. Leave aside the noise of building construction and the hustle of the National Market where most of the immigrant workers do their shopping and transfer money to their ...
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