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Triple Environmental Benefit with Economic Gain

Next Generation MAC-technologies Workshop Shanghai, China 24-25 November 2008 Speech By Rajendra Shende, UNEP DTIE Paris At the outset, I would like to thank the China Automobile Air-Conditioner Special Association (CAASA), China’s Automobile Industry association for organising this important event and also Ministry of Environmental Protection of China for encouraging these international consultations. UNEP is proud ...

Sealing the Hole and Sealing the Deal Convenient opportunity To address Inconvenient truth.

On 17th September I had pleasure in addressing Foreign Correspondents Club of China in Beijing . Venue was Cultural Center of Indian Embassy . What I enjoyed most was the question answer session with the most brilliant journalists stationed in Beijing and of course samosa and potato bonda with chatuny . Most enjoyable experience indeed. ...
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Tibet Opening Statement

Tibet is land of purity. That purity flows from its blue skies, towering and untouched mountains. It flows from its glaciers and lakes that are the origins of the great rivers in the world. People of Tibet have lived for centuries in harmony with the nature. Nature is their mother and their deities.
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China Ozone Day

Our actions today will determine whether children of tomorrow will inherit a world as healthy and as safe as we inherited from our fathers. This is also true for our actions to protect the Ozone layer. However it appears that we need reminding. Such reminder has come today from our children.

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