Designing by keeping the Nature at the Centre-My Commencement Speech to Graduates of MIT Institute of Design-Watch helpful hints.

Designing for nature than for humans was the theme of my speech at MIT Institute of Design near Pune, India. The logic is simple, humans are part of the nature. Hence when one designs for  nature, by consequence one also designs for the humans. Value addition of the ‘nature centred design’ is that we care for nature and ecosystems while designing.

 I was delivering the address as Chief Guest to fresh graduates at 9th Convocation Ceremony at sprawling campus at Raj Baug near Pune, a city in India known for excellence in education. I continued to build on that theme by stating that nature is the designer itself- a designer par excellence. It uses resources optimally while creating designs.
My friend Ram Subramaniam watched my speech recently and said.” This nature-human links  message will never br forgotten these students will carry on their minds for a long time. The reverence for Indian culture at MIT Institute of Design is obvious  and Institute has  done a good job of bringing up the students with both science and spiritual values. Your presence there was a bonus for the students”. I was flattered because Ram is USA based ‘Bay area’ stalwart engaged in mentoring start-ups with modern technology and teaching at Stanford. A message of ancient Indian teaching coming from him, was special. He continued , “In several of my classes, I discuss Bhagavad Gita and other Indian literature and insist the importance of how self-respect comes from respecting nature and our culture. I opine that if we as Indians don’t respect and adopt to nature and our culture fully, we can’t succeed in life.”. He said all. Rajendra Shende
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