Ending climate change begins in the city

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FRANCE 24 TV’s special series on the Paris Climate Conference, interview with Rajendra Shende.

Global warming: Ending climate change begins in the city. Cities produce an estimated three quarters of greenhouse gas emissions. The result is not always pretty.

New Delhi, a city of 8 million cars, is rated the most polluted in the world. Beijing is often dubbed the home of China’s “airpocalypse”. And even in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is regularly masked by a haze of smog.

To discuss this issue, France 24 TV spoke to Rajendra Shende, former director of the United Nations Environment Programme and now chairman of Terre Policy Centre and Celia Blauel, Paris deputy mayor in charge of the environment and sustainable development.

By Get the facts , Marina BERTSCH , Yara JAMALI ELO , Maeva LEFEBVRE of France24 TV . Watch:




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