Interview for Italians

Interview for Italians

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As we said I would be very happy to make you an interview to publish on my national AC&R magazine
1. How the World can develop the new tecnologies in air conditioning and refrigeration in the respect of the environment?
2. The problem of the refrigerants and their emissions in connection to the coming European Regulations?
3. How UNEP sensibilize people and what can Associazione dei Tecnici del Freddo and Centro Studi Galileo do, considering its international experience in conferences and training about new technologies, environmental and energy issues?
I thank you again very much for your kindness and I send you my best regards.
Marco Buoni
P.S. in next issue of the magazine, as I have introduced you on the phone, we will pubblish your picture in the cover and your conference paper inside.
The interview above I would like to pubblish in another special issue.
We think that your interview is very important for many reasons and in particular because in one of the next issues I have in mind, after the pubblishing of this interview, to pubblish in connection another interview about these problems to the Italian Environmental Ministry, Mr Clini.

Rajendra Shende

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