Mission-Mars : Redefining Education and Learning for SDGs.

The-rocket-launch-happened-yesterday-in-Florida-1224453We are at the historic moment. One million people from the Planet Earth would be soon migrating-not by see, not by land but by interplanetary travel to Mars. Read message and SCCN Newsletter. We are at the historic moment. One million people from the Planet Earth would be soon migrating-not by see, not by land but by interplanetary travel to Mars.Read my message and News letter. Elon Musk just launched a the most heavy rocket ever (except one used for taking the astronauts to moon) which demonstrated that cost of travel can be cheaper than thought before. There will therefore be schools on mars.

Educational campuses now cannot keep their discourse and curriculum just what exists now. Indeed, educational institutes are already deploying the new technologies, not only to make learning easy through digital courses like MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) but also to deploy emerging technologies Internet of Things ( IoT) and Cloud Networking ( CN) that are re-defining how educational institutions can support the students and faculty in their learning process. Now the new mission cannot be just rhetoric of ‘quality-education’ but a ‘mission oriented’ education.

Smart Campus Cloud Network (SCCN), an information-sharing and action-platform of TERRE Policy Centre goes even beyond ” mission’. It makes students ‘future-read, and prepares them for career-jobs and in honing their entrepreneur skills. More than that it engages the students and faculties in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (UNSDGs) through the hands-on activities related to skill building. ( see sccnhub.com)

SCCN harnesses the power of digital and non-digital networks for targeted actions towards United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs). It uses the IT technologies in making safety, logistics, administration more efficient. More importantly, through hands-on work within the campus, it encourages students to work towards reducing carbon foot-prints and enhancing their environmental hand-prints for the campus. It is simply ‘ learning by doing’ , except that ‘doing’ is by using 21st century technologies.

It smartly integrates the modern technologies for making the education campuses resource efficient. For example, through on-line and real-time measurements, students devise the ways to make campus energy efficient, reduce carbon emission and conserve the water. Video surveillance systems in the campus and the electronic devises in their purses, the girl-students can provide the immediate warning to trigger emergency response before the damage is done. SCCN promotes unified work-methods to make campus smart, secure and sustainable.

The unique dimension of SCCN is, however, ‘knowledge-sharing’ through the Cloud. The campuses would share their energy, water, waste, pollution, recycling and emission indices and compare with bench marks and with other campuses in India and abroad to generate positive competition. Such competition is the driver for innovations and making campuses super-efficient. The innovations would trigger the emergence of the smart entrepreneurs.

Smart Campus, in brief, will redefine the education and learning. More and more universities are now registering for the SCCN .

Just go to sccnhub.com and follow the steps therein to get registered. Once you wave, we will bring the Cloud to you! Get Mission ready! END

Also read the news letter :https://mailchi.mp/78294f39c7f7/first-medical-campus-in-the-network



Rajendra Shende, Chairman, TERRE Policy Centre ,
Former Director UNEP.


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