My oven-fresh friend.
An Engineer by qualification, Spiritual by heart.

My oven-fresh friend.
An Engineer by qualification, Spiritual by heart.

He is simplicity personified . He is an Engineer by qualification, teacher by profession and Spiritual by heart, Yes, he comes from a rural background, near to nature, covered by sky and stars. That explains his multi-faceted attributes. Urbanites of today have hardly seen any of them.

‘4 Universities, more than 60 campuses and 35 years in education field’. That description does not describe this personality. Those are just numbers.

Imagine a mechanical engineers who transforms the speed and energy not be designing gears but by devising the practices to respect Mother Nature, and crafting the tools to enhance the human values. Visualise a professor who while teaching heat pumps and refrigeration , heats up the passion towards spiritualism and cools down the fanatic religious ideologies. Sketch a researcher toiling in the laboratory of fluid mechanics and at the same time exhibits fluid ideas about mechanism of future of engineering education in India.

If at all you succeed in imagining , visualising and sketching, what you get is Dr. Vishwanath-ji Karad, Founder of MIT World Peace University.

That is simplicity personified , An Engineer by qualification, teacher by profession and Spiritual by heart, Yes, he comes from a rural background, near to nature and covered by sky and stars. Urbanites of today have hardly seen any of them.

If you want to know difference between knowledge vs wisdom, vision vs speculation, value vs cost and cooperation vs compassion, meet him where he loves to be : in his dome, den or dock.

Dr Vishwanath Karad, my oven-fresh friend, Dr. Karad has amazing prowess that not only empowers him with the vision but in reality he ‘engineers the vision’. He with dexterity bends the technology to create the astonishing structures and also has expertise to embed the philosophy in the mechanised world . He can blend the cement of harmony, steel-bars of the hopes to create the ecosystem for peace.

Rarely one can find such a technological ability to transform the innovation into reality for the societal benefit except few in the history like Leonardo da Vinci

When in 2018 , for the first time he took me to show the Dome being constructed at the campus of MIT-World Peace University in Rajbaug, I realised that he is not only showing me the dome , but he was showing me his passion. His dream was, at that time getting transformed into the reality. But he was restless. He was not in hurry to complete the job but was not ready to lose momentum. I recall what India’s former President late Dr Abdul Kalam said : “ Dream is not what you get when you are asleep. Dream is something that does not allow you to sleep”. I have seen such restlessness all the time hovering around Vishwanath-ji

When now I look at the largest Dome in one of the green campus of MIT WPU near Pune, in India , I recall two domes. First, is golden ribbed dome housing the tomb of Napoleon in Paris, where I lived for more than 20 years during my career in United Nations. I must have visited it numerous times. It is popularly called as Les Invalides. Second, is the dome above each one of us, that is the Sky. A blue eternity , which in fact is the real largest dome in the world. It houses all of us.

Domes always made impacts on me mainly because, as a technologist from IIT, I knew from my young days that dome is the unique structure which houses ‘maximum volume with minimum surface area’ . In other words, for a given surface area, the form that can hold maximum volume is the dome.

I guess that Dr Vishwanath Karad wants to spread the message that “maximum spiritual energy stored in the dome that he has built with minimum material resources”

I wish that the echoes of the Prayers, notes of Spirituality, reverberations of the scientific knowledge from the prayers in the largest dome would travel to the farthest distance globally. I also hope that the waves of philosophy from the library in the dome would emanate to reach the youth of the world with the fastest speed . I am confident that the knowledge of Sustainability from the summit of the dome would reach to the remotest corners of the globe.

Vishwanath-ji’s genius of blending the values of diverse Philosophies and Religions with common faith is astounding. His dream of world-peace has transformational power that one day would catapult into reality. END

Rajendra Shende

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