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Emerging ripples in the environmental think-tank.

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Mar 20, 2017 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Never before a book or  a photograph changed the way we look and perceive to restore our only home. But a man who leads the Super-Power has a potency  to look differently. Would he make not only America great again, but  make the ‘Whole Earth’ great again.

Environmental Literacy and Youth as Change Agent : Year in Review -TERRE

Jan 01, 2017 | Author: Rajendra Shende

We can achieve sustainable livelihood only through educating children and women.Environment literacy is the most important, said Prakash Javadekar, Indian Minister of Human Resource Development.

Just see it. 10 billion us. One Planet .

Jun 04, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Visual News letter June 2015
See and listen to my message on World Environment Day of 5th June 2015. It is not just a message but five point action plan .

Soiling the mind? No, it is like cleaning the vision.

Apr 20, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

International Year Soils_Year
This interview will clean your mind about the soil that feeds the world. Read what Soil Experts say on the occasion of GlobalSoil Week 2015

Sustainable development with young innovators and fresh minds

Mar 16, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

March issue NL
The world took 150 years to realize that the invention of incandescent bulbs is the most inefficient way of lighting homes, 90% of energy consumed by incandescent bulbs goe for heating and remaining only 10 % for lighting.

Two Years of Giving back -NewsLeTERRE

Nov 10, 2014 | Author: Rajendra Shende

earth-from-space-wallpaper-6 Nov 2014
Two years of NewsLeTERRE. Two years of adding meaning sustainable living. Two years of giving back, satisfaction and rejuvenation. Two years of Emergence of ideas of giving back to our TERRE.

United Nations Pipe-Dreams -Climate Change and Biodiversity

Oct 15, 2014 | Author: Rajendra Shende

UNSG Climate Summit
  Is a Global Climate Treaty Only a Pipe Dream? UN Secretary General wakes up the global leaders

NewsLeTERRE May 2014

May 29, 2014 | Author: Rajendra Shende

  Prime Minister’s Rural Development (PMRD) Fellow is doing extraordinary work in Sarand, Jharkhand the most backward and tribal area of India.

Western Ghats Maratha Forts should be in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List

Feb 21, 2014 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Rajendra Shende gave interview to journalists  of  State of Maharashtra, India in Jan 2014 which was disseminated during conference held in one of the forts : Sajjan Gad near Mr. Shende’s home town

Wild Life week in India

Nov 05, 2013 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Rihno in Kaziranga
In the year 1952 with a view to preserve the wild life of India, particularly to take urgent preventive measures to counter the extinction of any species, the Government of India established an Indian Board of Wild Life (IBWL).