climate change

Sustainability is not a choice; it is a necessity for global peace and responsibility of each world-citizen

COVID19 is not the first pandemic that is shaking the world. Out of major 15 pandemics in human recorded history, 5 pandemics have caused the most blow to ‘industrious and industrialized’ humanity in the 20th and 21st centuries. As per one estimate, the Spanish Flue of 1918 caused 500 million deaths and spread across the ...

TOTAL has to start disinvesting in fossil fuels.

Enhancing Energy efficiency and reducing energy intensity are one of the first steps to meet the Paris Climate Agreement targets. Efficiency improvements come from human behavior change and machine-behavior change. The modern technologies like machine-learning could be of immense help which can point out the areas for improving efficiency and also predict the deterioration of ...

Indian climatologist on Chinese civil society body

Rajendra Shende, Chairman of TERRE Policy Centre, former Director UNEP, has been appointed as Honorary Chairman of International Advisory Council of the Operation Earth, a leading civil-society organization of China dedicated to biodiversity conservation and global climate change. He also accepted the invitation to be on advisory board CBCDGF and Panda Guide.

Protecting the Borders as well as ecosystems

We all heard of heroic stories of Indian Army who protect our national borders. We are able to take quiet and undisturbed sleep only because of the soldiers that are awake to protect us. But have you heard of Indian army protecting our environment with the same spirit as they protect the national borders?

G20 Summit:slow progress on ambitious climate change accord, is it a sign of no-trust on words?

India has blocked G20 efforts to pave the way for an ambitious climate change accord in a sign of deep divisions just two weeks before delegates from almost 200 nations meet in Paris. Through almost 20 hours of talks at the G20 gathering in Turkey Sourced through from: The world is waking up ...

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