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Emerging ripples in the environmental think-tank.

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May 31, 2015 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Going Beyond GDP
Looking in the history: 7 decades back 8th May 2015 marked the 70th Anniversary of end of World War II. That day, in 1945, heralded a peace and stability for the Europe. Rapid economic recovery   that followed through Marshall Plan provided to dilapidate Europe a generous grant of nearly 5 % of the USA’s GDP

With Navi Radjou: Author of Jugaad Innovation -a best seller

Jul 13, 2014 | Author: Rajendra Shende

Navi Radjou , author of the best seller ‘ Jugaad Innovation’, Silicon Valley strategist and fellow at, University of Cambridge, and a World Economic Forum faculty member, talks to me ,