Ozone and Climate

After 30 years of protecting the ozone layer, some reasons to be cheerful

It sometimes feels as if environmental news is never good news, but that certainly isn’t true when it comes to the ozone layer. The UN has announced that the ozone layer is showing “signs of recovery… Source: theconversation.com During  1985 to 1987 the world leaders had difficult negotiations to save the Ozone Layer. But when the ...

The day IPCC delivers report-TERRE delivers a message

On the day IPCC delivers Fifth Assessment Report on Science of Climate change in Stockholm, TERRE Policy Centre is pleased to deliver special issue of its NewLeTERRE on the subject where the Scientific Assessment of Ozone layer that started generation back made the world take successful action. Ozone Day-2013 Special newsLeTERRE from TERRE Policy Centre

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