rajendra shende

Protecting the Borders as well as ecosystems

We all heard of heroic stories of Indian Army who protect our national borders. We are able to take quiet and undisturbed sleep only because of the soldiers that are awake to protect us. But have you heard of Indian army protecting our environment with the same spirit as they protect the national borders?

Jane Hawking, Wife of Stephen Hawking tells her own “Theory of Everything”

  Jane Hawking, who was divorced from Stephen in 1995 and whose book, Travelling to Infinity: My life with Stephen was adapted by Anthony McCarten to form the core of the movie.Here she talks about her relationship with Stephen Hawking. IT IS 1963, and we’re at a student party in Oxford. A young man approaches ...

Final TV Appearance of Stephen Hawking: Colonizing Alien World

“Leaving Earth: Or How to Colonize a Planet”. Stephen Hawkings in Elon Muskian adventure. In one of his last television appearances, Stephen Hawking poses the question of how people might one day live on planets other than Earth. The computer-generated voice of the late physicist Stephen Hawking will address audiences once again from their television ...

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