Sustainability is not a choice; it is a necessity for global peace and responsibility of each world-citizen

COVID19 is not the first pandemic that is shaking the world. Out of major 15 pandemics in human recorded history, 5 pandemics have caused the most blow to ‘industrious and industrialized’ humanity in the 20th and 21st centuries. As per one estimate, the Spanish Flue of 1918 caused 500 million deaths and spread across the ...

‘Campus Sustainability Report’ : First ever by Indian educational institute.

“Hitherto, sustainability reports are prepared by the corporate world.  They gave insight into ther company strategies and robust views on how they adjust their policies and practices to address the current sustainability agenda. However, providing such information by an educational institute and resolving to do so annually is setting a new trend in India”, Rajendra Shende, Chairman ...

Protecting the Borders as well as ecosystems

We all heard of heroic stories of Indian Army who protect our national borders. We are able to take quiet and undisturbed sleep only because of the soldiers that are awake to protect us. But have you heard of Indian army protecting our environment with the same spirit as they protect the national borders?

You cannot Manage what you cannot measure: lessons from MDGs

Global Goals Work, but there are lessons to learn. Example SDG 4 on Education. Technology and Ecosystem has changed. The first ever global movement for ‘inclusive development’ in the history of human civilization was launched by United Nations at the dawn of 21st century when, in year 2000. In its General Assembly consisting of all ...

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