AI and Climate Emergency. But where is Algorithm for developing Political will?

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  • AI and Climate Emergency. But where is Algorithm for developing Political will?
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Yes, computers can be taught to learn on their own! They can adapt to the circumstances without any intervening instructions from humans or any extraneous sources. They can interpret and draw their own inferences .Thats the result of the algorithm of machine learning system. Machine learning algorithms have unique utility . From speech recognition and translation to agriculture and medicine, where interpreting the huge statistical data  is beyond human capacity and ability . Making predictions using statistical analysis is the key dimension of AI. But machine learning is not just interpreting statistical data. Data analysis without ‘ supervised learning’ is emerging part of the AI. Calling it ‘ biological-brain-mimicking’ is dwarfing the potential of AI. Unlike human brains Artificial Intelligence never gets affected by ‘biological age’. In reality , AI will improve as the ‘age’ increases due to innovation. 

Unfortunately, one cannot write algorithm to create political-will which is in short supply and which is thwarting the actions on the formidable and life threatening challenges that the planet is facing today. Political-will  has to come from ‘ Natural Intelligence’.  Artificial Intelligence can be a tool for Natural Intelligence to develop political-will of the World Leaders.

Prediction is known to reduce the adverse impacts. Having failed in taking action to address climate change, now what world needs to minimise its consequences . Artificial Intelligence is ‘natural’ choice to do exactly that.  Algorithmic machine learning systems are being lauded as an ‘integral’ part of the new clean energy economy, but critics see them as an energy-intensive distraction. 

Investments in AI is increasing, not for ‘Fore-casting’ , but ‘ Now-casting’. Climate change is all about ‘now-casting’ . It is important that investment in AI  is related to ESG ( Environmental,  Social and Corporate Governance ). May be we need another Algorithm to use AI in frame of ESG? Food for thought. 

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