Excerpts of speech while launching the publication in Port Ghalib, Egypt.

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  • Excerpts of speech while launching the publication in Port Ghalib, Egypt.
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The publication was about unique efforts done by African countries in implementing the Montreal Protocol. Audience included a number of Ministers and government officers from Africa.

Oct 2009


The story line of the African countries, of  their efforts to protect the ozone layer, is as unique as its diversity and as inspiring as its people. This story line has no end and it keeps on building from one event to another.

Like the origin of humanity, Africa was at the origin of the Montreal Protocol- in Nairobi, Kenya.  There, UNEP gave the science of ozone depletion the certainty needed to inspire global action.  Of the eight  original developing country signatories of the Montreal Protocol five  were from the African continent.  Today all the 53 countries in Africa are partners to the Montreal Protocol.

The entire African continent contributed only very small percent of the global consumption of CFCs and zero percent of production of CFCs.  Nevertheless, Africa which harbors one of the poor countries of the world recognized the need for the global cooperation and took the torch in their hand to run the environmental marathon. Clearly, poor economic conditions do not shadow the rich vision.

By phasing down the consumption of ODS as per the Montreal Protocol’s time table, these countries have significantly contributed to reducing Climate Change.  What’s more, Africa now stands to green its economy by future implementation of the Montreal Protocol by:

–          Enhancing  their energy  Security  as well as  energy independence by improving the energy efficiency of refrigeration and air-conditioning used in buildings and food preservation;

–          Generating employment through now green business of recovery and recycling, destruction of unwanted ODS

–          Pursuing  the green business of energy efficient appliances

The story line of the Montreal Protocol in Africa gets more inspiring if it is read in between the lines.

– Rajendra Shende, Head OzonAction.

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