That year the world witnessed a momentous gathering of the Head of the States of most of the countries around the globe at Rio de Janiro, in Brazil. For the first time so many heads of the state came together under the banner of United Nations to prepare the Blue Print for new Millennium that was still 8 years away.

That was also the year when I joined United Nations Environment Programme leaving corporate business career behind me. I was chemical engineer by qualification and had risen to corporate management level. It was quantum shift and continental rift. I moved from national corporate business management to global environmental management and from Indian sub-continent to Western Europe-France.

Long range planning that I was used to employ in corporate business is evident now in the international agency like United Nations. Agenda 21 was in fact a document that included the strategic long range planning for the management of a global company called ‘Earth Limited’.

Global cold war was ending and battle against global warming was beginning. I realized that there are many a holes in the global equity logic in managing the natural resources. Having seen the Board room wars in the private sector , I had stark realization of much wider and deeper conflicts among business and between the nations

National borders still remain the major cause of conflicts. But what crosses national borders like rivers, trade in environmental sensitive commodities, air pollution, black carbon, Ozone Layer depletion, climate change are equally important causes for the clashes at the board rooms of ‘Earth Limited’. Deforestation and desertification were not only threatening the survival of the human race, but they were stripping the ‘Earth Ltd’ of its values, cultures and the very soul.
My journey was from the stark rural area in India to the bursting cities of India, from very peculiar local Marathi language to Imperial English to stylish French, from the business and industry to United Nations, from the causes of the problems to the tenets of the solutions, from making of chemicals to phase out of those lingering and persistent man made pollutants.

This site is the reflection of that journey;

  • It is Epitaph of the past.
  • Epitome of the future.
  • Episode of the transformation.
  • Would it be Epilogue of the ‘Earth Limited’?
  • I leave it to you.


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TERRE Policy Centre, India and France
Annual Resources: Youth-potential , Nature-assets, People Network, Thought-Actions.

  • Guiding the Centre’s think-tank and Action-ripples focusing on Food and Energy security.
  • Setting the scenes for evidenced based policies and demonstration based projects
  • Promoting the concept of ‘ To Think is Good, to Act is Better.
  • Leveraging the global network of governments, business and NGOs that I came across for thinking globally and acting locally
  • Advisor to multi-lingual media group in Europe.
  • Steering Committee member for UNEP publication
  • Review committee member for UNEP/WMO assessment panel on stratospheric Ozone Layer and Climate Change
  • Independent Director on corporations which are engaged on clean energy and organic farming.
  • Advisor to environmental foundation of large corporation.
  • Partnering with number of organizations in Europe, USA, Japan, Africa and Asia.


United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP) Paris, France

Head of OzonAction Branch

( Annual budget US$ 15-25 million)

  • Leading a global programme for safeguarding the ozone layer and the climate system though the policy advice and support for technology transformation to 146 developing countries..
  • Delivering the financial and technical aid for the capacity building of the government and industry focal points in the developing countries through UNEP’s four regional offices in Bangkok, Nairobi, Bahrain, and Panama city to get climate mitigation benefits as well as Ozone layer protection under the Montreal Protocol , particularly from phase out of HCFCs.
  • Mobilizing finances from the Multilateral Fund, GEF, bilateral donors and fostering the partnerships with private sector, civil society, and international organisations (UNDP, UNIDO, World Bank, FAO, WHO, UNICEF, WCO ) for the programme development and project implementation
  • Developing and implementing the projects related to alternatives to ODS, particularly HCFCs that would provide cross cutting and multitude of benefits in the sectors like climate change , chemical management , hazardous substances and waste management
    • Formulate, Negotiate, Implement, Evaluate the annual and rolling business plans, work programme, outputs, outcomes, feedback from clients to manage the fully regionalised UN Programme with more than 50 staff .
    • Monitor the result-based and compliance-rigour projects.


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Paris, France

Head of Energy and OzonAction Unit,

  • Headed the new unit by conceptualising and establishing the Energy Programme in the Division and enhancing the activities on the Ozone Layer Protection by re-orienting the compliance assistance through UNEP’s regional offices.
  • Provided capacity building services and strategic policy advice to the developing countries to develop and implement plans to eliminate the CFCs and other more than 90 ozone depleting substances and Green House Gases as per the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Facilitated and promoted transfer of environmentally sound and energy efficient and renewable energy technologies to developing countries through cooperative and financial mechanisms including Clean Development Mechanism.


United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Paris, France

Coordinator OzonAction Programme,

  • Launched and Managed the Capacity Building Programme to enable the compliance of developing countries under the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol. Established international information clearinghouse, prepare and implement of National Strategies, facilitate institutional strengthening, promote networking regional networking of government officers, training of the key stake holders to develop sector management plans.
  • Led a Task Force in the Division to initiate the pilot activities under GEF for developing countries in the field of sustainable development, Climate Change mitigation and Ozone Layer Protection.


SRF LTD New Delhi, India (Private sector,Plastics and chemicals)

Deputy General Manager

  • Provided advisory service to top-management on strategic diversification and integrating environmental protection in corporate operations.
  • Technology assessment, selection and transfer agreement for chloromethane projects to produce- Chloroform, CTC, Methylene Chloride, Methyl Chloride(Budget US$ 10 million)
  • Guided R&D activities for Fluorine chemicals, drug intermediates.
  • Led the technology development for ozone friendly CFC and HCFC substitutes and halon substitutes. (Budget: US$ 3 Million)


Armour Chemicals , Mumbai, India ( Private sector, Pharmaceuticals)

Project Manager,

  • Coordinated process development studies related Ampicillin, Amoxycillin, Cloxacillin, 6-APA, Cephalexin, Pyrazinamide, Dane’s Salt, Chloramphenicol, Lyophilized Salts of Semi-Synthetic Penicillin .for the purpose of commercialization.
  • Implemented a Cleaner Production (enzymatic) process to manufacture semi- synthetic antibiotics
  • Led R&D project for manufacturing of immobilized bio-catalyst/enzymes on bench scale.
  • Negotiated project funding from financial institutes, venture capital and R&D funds


Hindustan Organic Chemical, Rasayani, India (Public Sector enterprise)

Project and Planning Engineer

  • Implemented Projects (Engineering, Procurement, Erection and Commissioning) to manufacture hydrogen, Aniline, Nitrobenzene, Nitric Acid and integrated utilities
  • Provided consultancy services for feasibility studies, trouble-shooting, heat-recovery, energy efficiency, eco-efficiency and engineering for chemical plants manufacture semi- synthetic antibiotics
  • Technology selection for PTFE Project through assessment of world wide technologies .
  • Implemented of ‘green field ‘ project to manufacture Polytetrafluoethylene (PTFE) starting from Chloroform and HF , with intermediate product of HCFC 22 : Project Manager from “concept to commissioning” (US$15 Million)
  • Studied potential of use of Solar Energy in Chemical Industry and implemented a project to utilize Solar Energy.
  • Studied waste-minimization project in PTFE plant.


Tata Chemicals, Mithapur, India (private sector-Inorganic Chemicals)

Production engineer

  • Supervised following production plants: Caustic Soda and chlorine Projects Water purification/demineralization and treatment plant, Bromine and Bromine chemicals, Salt harvesting,
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