Global Superpower and Indian Youth

Global Superpower and Indian Youth

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India has the potential to become a global superpower or world-guru. India is moving speedily in that direction. The contribution of Indian youth in that speed and super-prowess is essential. At the same time, the Indian youth will be the role model and cause for the entire world to combat the global climate crisis. This special article on today’s National Youth Day…is dedicated to power of Youth of India.

Today is the birthday of Swami Vivekananda, the epitome of vitality and youth. That is why 12th January is celebrated as National Youth Day in India. What exactly is the Indian youth power, and what are their capabilities?  It is not just a question. It is a topic of discussion all over the world.

Take a look at the most popular and dominant companies in the world today. Google (Sundar Pichai) , YouTube (Neil Mohan), Mircosoft (Satya Nadella), IBM (Arvind Krishna), World Bank (Ajay Banga), Adobe (Shantanu Narayanan), Vimeo (Anjali Sood), Fedex (Raj Subramaniam), Sarbucks (Laxman Narasimhan), Palo Alto (Nikesh Arora), Google Cloud (Thomas Kurian), Albertsons (Vivek Sankaran), Netup (George Kurian), Arista Networks (Jayashree Ullal), Nevartis (Vasant Narasimhan), Micron Technologies (Sanjay Mehrotra), Honeywell (Vimal Kapoor), Flex (Revathi Advaithi), Wifair (Niraj Shah), Chanel (Leena Nair), Cognizant (Ravi Kumar S), Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Reshma Kevalramani). The list is long and strong. These companies that influence the world today and have billions of USD in turnover are headed by people of Indian origin. Most of them are young. It is said that if the revenue of these companies is accounted, India is already 3rd largest economic power in the world though in the books of economics it is 5th Largest!

Another attribute of India is its population. Although it is most populous country in the world it is the country with the highest number of youths.

Average age of India’s population is 28.7 years making India youngest large country in the world. The third largest number of start-ups in the world are in India. Not only this, India also ranks third in the world in the number of Unicorns- star-tups with a turnover of more than USD 100 crore. India stands out not only in absolute numbers but also quality of those numbers. Indian youth is also emerging in the front-line technologies like ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), Augmented Reality, which are conceived only by young brains of modern times and will lead the future.

Two years ago (in 2022) a great and historic event took place. The rapidly growing Indian economy has almost overtaken Britain. And now India has reached the top five economies of the world. Britain, which ruled India for 150 years now has been surpassed by India in GDP after 75 years of independence. India is on track to become the third largest economy in the world by 2030. In this process the contribution from the youth community is strategic and crucial

A statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is popular all over the world, brings in focus the 4 castes in India. One is youth, second is woman, third is farmer and fourth is poor man. However, if the last three castes are to be developed, the potential rests with the first caste i.e. the youth. Indian youth have imagination, creativity, passion for innovation, potential and ambition. That is why Indian youth are seen leading not only in industry but in research, space, IT, politics and diplomacy.

Indian youth has understood that we don’t just need the Voice but we need Actions. Actionism should take the front row over Activism!

Recognizing this source and potential of Indian youth, the Green Terre Foundation, GTF, has undertaken a very comprehensive national initiative. It has now become a movement sweeping across the country, called Smart Campus Cloud Network (visit:  Net Zero- carbon neutral university campus is the flagship project under this movement, inspired by Mission LiFE of PM Narendra Modi and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterrus.

The climate crisis is currently looming large all over the world. Human existence is at stake. Phasing out the carbon emission, greenhouse gases, is the only way to address this threat. . Net Zero campaign in university campus is thus becoming Green-Skill Building for youth. They can learn by doing and secure their future

Through more than 500 universities, colleges and millions of youths in India, the highway towards sustainable development is being paved. Universities are also very effective incubation centres for innovation and green transformation. India thus poised to become a mentor and   inspiration for the entire world to deal with the climate crisis.

I am very encouraged today on Yuva Day that Indian youth are bouncing to contribute to mitigate the climate disaster. In the coming years, SCCN will not only help India but the whole world. Swami Vivekananda, had professed that 21st century will belong to India. I will say 21st century belongs to young India!

Dr. Rajendra Shende
Founding Director, Green Ter Foundation
Coordinating Lead Author IPCC Report 2007
Former Director, UNEP
Former Head, Global Ozone Action Committee

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