Grey Matter of AI. Or is it Grey Area ?

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Climate Change is not just a unique challenge. It is life-threatening. Even for AI. That sounds cryptic. But imagine a scenario when humans get vanished in sixth extinction due to climate change. Who would then write algorithm for predictive analysis? 

The dark side of AI is being discussed and brought in limelight . Role of  artificial intelligence (AI) in combating  global climate change is one of the fast emerging and priority sector. AI can help in enhancing our understanding the chaotic climate change. AI also  contributes to reducing the disastrous consequences of climate crisis . 

The dilemma being faced today is that : AI also contributes in adding Green House Gases and hence in enhancing the climate change.  AI’s contribution to climate change due to  the greenhouse gases emitted by the energy use in digital networking,  data centres and computation-intensive AI systems is becoming significant.   Trade-off between the GHG emissions generated by AI operations on one hand and the predictive analysis  gains that AI can offer to mitigate and adapt to climate change on the other need to be understood and computed. 

Leveraging the opportunities offered by AI for global climate change and at the same time  limiting its risks to climate requires smart, decisive.   and effective actions to put in place a  winning strategy. This would need group of like minded countries ( G20? ) to  play a leading role for common actions. Identifying  and harnessing  the opportunities of new technologies for mitigating climate change, by minimising the impact on the environment need to be the priority area for the global policy makers. 

As technologies progress in the domain of unknowns is creating the mind boggling thougt-conflicts . Green and  digital mechanisms  , biosphere and  infosphere, mobile phones and social disruptions, technologies and terrorism are the conflicts that were hitherto no known to humanity but need to be countered now. 

Proponents of AI are likely to say that AI is also the tool to respond to such conflicts and those who adopt cautious approach are likely to limit the growth of AI. In milieu of such dilemma the only continuum  would be the lessons from nature that has survived the developmental processes. 

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