Have we lost fight against Climate Change? AI may not turn the table but make us climate resilient. 

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  • Have we lost fight against Climate Change? AI may not turn the table but make us climate resilient. 
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AI can be ‘Rescue Mechanism’  to bring us back from the cliff. Yes, we are standing on the cliff, but we do not know that we could fall deep down. That is because the there is thick fog in from of us. That fog is from the air pollution! Air Pollution is other side of the coin of global warming. 

Humanity  failed to use its  natural intelligence for last three decades to address the Climate Crisis. It is a sad story that may not be even written in the history books because there may not be any survival from predicted sixth extinction. But this story  can have happy ending, if  we deploy tool kit called Artificial Intelligence’ ,  AI.  But remember, that happy end has to happen with speed. We have no time to talk and play around. The climate disasters is not a distant thunder. Just open the door and flood of disaster is waiting to enter into your house.  AI  needs to be supported by potentially fast action. AI is serious business indeed!  

AI is not a tool  just for prediction of the disaster. It is also a  planning tool that could collate the past lessons in disaster management. AI can deep dive into the past three decades of the disaster data to and help governments to plan the  investment needed to make climate resilient infrastructures like roads, bridges , residential and commercial buildings, power plants,  dams and electrical grids that need to be resilient to climate change. Investment in making climate resilient infrastructure can be also be optimised  by investing in AI!  

That optimisation in investment can also be computed through AI. AI stands to be omni-valent. I dare to say that within a decade we  would be using AI based Smart Phones for planning for minimising the loss due to climate change . For  disaster management as well as prevention of the loss in disaster.  

Responding to climate change through climate resilient infrastructure may become the business-as-usual as against efforts to mitigate climate change! We are slowly approaching the situation where we simply cannot get rid of virus climate change, but we can live with it by becoming resilient to climate virus . A lemon from COVID19? 

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