Mahatma Gandhi – the greatest environment champions to have ever lived.

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While the world is busy with the CORONA virus and related pandemic, the Prime Minister of India Modi has continued his efforts to prevent yet another catastrophe which is round the corner-climate change.  

Evidently, the world is watching with awe. Prime Minister of the largest democracy of 1350 million  people, is busy dealing with COVID19 as well as CLIMA30 ( Climate catastrophe likely to intensify with grave consequences in 2030)  

CERAWeek ( Cambridge Energy Research Associates) was founded by  Dr Daniel Yergin, himself a Pulitzer award winner. He gave the CERAWeek Global Energy and Environment Leadership Award to Mr Modi on 5th March 2021. The CERAWeek was held virtually from 1st March to 5th March 2021.

The Prime Minister dedicated the award to the Indian people and to the glorious tradition of our land that has shown the way when it comes to caring for the environment. He stated that Indian people that show a way to care for nature and the environment. Most graciously he said, the award recognises ‘environmental leadership’. He said, there is no doubt that when it comes to caring for the environment, ‘the people of India are the leaders, and it has been the case for centuries.

PM Modi highlighted the following for India’s leadership in sustainable energy.

·      India is working to increase its share of natural gas from 6 per cent to 15 per cent by 2030. LNG is being promoted as a fuel, that reduces carbon emission by half.

·      National Hydrogen Mission for use of hydrogen as a fuel has been launched.

·      As of 1st March 2021, around 37 million LED bulbs are being used in India and this has saved cost and energy. Over 38 million tonnes of carbon dioxide has been reduced per year due to LED transformation.

PM Modi said India has one of the greatest environment champions to have ever lived. Unfortunately, the world has all the Praise for Mahatma Gandhi but no one follows his principles of consumption with compassion and simplicity with humility. 

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