PlanetPulse: Red Light for Humanity

PlanetPulse: Red Light for Humanity

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SDGs 7 (Clean Energy) and SDGs 13 (Action on Climate) are directly impacting climate change. But 7 years after SDGs were agreed by all the countries in the world, energy transition and action on climate are far slower than the spread of extreme climate events and their severity. The climate crisis is spreading like a Pandemic. The last 4 months are the hottest consecutive months on record. The last 10 months of 2023 have seen record economic losses due to frequent and intense climatic extreme events.

Now Smart Campus Cloud Network – Global Network of Universities for localizing the SDGs and Net Zero in the campus of educational institutes – has titled the 11th month of 2023 as ‘PlanetPulse’. Indeed, at the end of the 11th month on 30 November, starts UN conference called COP28 (28th Conference of Parties). That conference is known as the ‘global stock-taking conference). It will take the ‘stock of the efforts and emissions’ made by the 196 countries in the world. In a way, the COP28 would measure the Pulse of the Planet.

The focus of this Climate Month is to spread the message that Uniting Youth for Net-Zero is not just a campaign; it’s a youth-led revolution, and it’s the need of the hour. 30 days of daily engaging activities regarding Net-Zero practices for youth on campus.

In a nation as youthful and dynamic as India, harnessing the energy and innovation of our youth is a national imperative. Their spirit is the driving force we need to combat the critical challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, health, and social equity. This is not just a call to action; it’s a rallying cry to secure the future of our planet.

Our mentors, global icons, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Shri Prakash Javadekar, and Dr Erik Solheim, inspire us to take bold steps towards environmental sustainability. They are the guiding lights for this transformative movement.

PlanetPulse 2023 is perfectly timed as a prelude to COP28, a global stage where India’s youth will showcase their best practices for achieving a Net-Zero world, making India’s presence felt on the international platform.

The impact of Climate Month 2023 is immense. It will empower Indian youth, fostering innovation, and aligning the educational institutions for mission LiFE -LifeStyle for Environment.

In just the first week of Climate Month 2023, the response has been phenomenal. We have over 100 campuses from every corner of India actively participating in this transformative initiative. More than 8,000 enthusiastic students have engaged wholeheartedly from Day 1 to Day 7. The enthusiasm of youth is clearly visible and could be channelled into driving climate action and sustainability.

Our month-long actions include elevating climate awareness, campus mobilization, youth empowerment, and preparing for COP28 discussions on climate change. We are not just changing India; we are influencing the world.

So, let us join hands, let us unite, let us lead the way towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

PlanetPulse is uniting Youth for Net-Zero. It is a movement, and together, we will make a difference, for our nation and our planet.


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