Career Summary

 Globally Recognized UN diplomat (awarded two times by USA, once by UN and citation by Nobel Peace Prize). Team-leader with difference. Leveraged the result -oriented and time- targeted business and project management approaches to get the job done at international level for Multilateral Environmental Agreements.
Intense and passionate follower of principles of leading-by-examples, practicing-what-we-preach, walking-the-talk and evidence-based-policies. Lives in sustainable farm with nature-based lifestyle.
International expert in communicating complex subjects like Sustainable Development, Green Economy, Climate Change, Energy, Ozone Layer Protection and Food security through ‘third-way’ strategy and’ just-d- it’ approach to find sustainable solutions to our developmental imperatives.
Oversight expertise in managing multi-locational regional offices of UNEP , including in Africa and Latin America. (Total budget of USD 25 million on average)
Indian Government Nominated and unanimously elected by UN Meeting of the Parties as Senior Expert of UNEP’s Technology and Economic Assessment Pa Oversight expertise in managing multi-locational regional offices of UNEP and their programmes, including administrating, and monitoring the delivery and budgets. nil.( 2017-2022)
Educated in IIT Bombay, professionally skilled in Private Sector management manoeuvres including Tatas, currently Founder Director Green TERRE Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, working with universities and student communities to skill them to make them SDGs ready and climate resilient.
Successfully led UN global programme (Ozone Layer is set on path of recovery) supported by team of 50 UN staff with diverse cultural background and with near perfect gender and geographical balance in UNEP’s Paris office and Regional offices in Asia Pacific (Bangkok), Middle East (Bahrain), Africa (Nairobi) and Panama City (Latin America) . Closely worked with top level delegates and leaders of 146 developing countries to enable them to comply with one of the most successful multilateral environmental treaty (the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone Layer), through capacity building, institutional strengthening and regional networking.
Has forged award winning pathbreaking partnerships (one of them won Harvard University JFK SG award) with governments, NGOs, intergovernmental organisations and private sector for strengthening synergies and coherence within UN system to integrate the environmental dimension into the sustainable development dialogues and strategies.
Performed the Role of Coordinating Lead Author of IPCC special report on Ozone layer Protection and Global Climate system, that shared the Nobel Peace prize in 2007, hence proud winner of Nobel Peace Prize citation. Continues to be part of the strategic committees and reviewer of UNEP’s publications on climate change.
Led the new programme in UNEP on Energy Efficiency, illegal trade of Chemicals and waste for skill building programmes to prevent dumping in African countries.
Demonstrated Strong attributes for consensus building at local, national, regional and international platforms on the challenging and sensitive environmental negotiations. Expertise in encouraging and inspiring creative concepts and practical programmatic approaches in developing, implementing, reporting and monitoring national strategies for ecosystem nurturing.
Leadership and expertise in inspiring the innovation and technology driven vision at global and regional as well as local and enterprise level to engage cross section of the stake holders in encouraging in deployment of   ozone and climate friendly technologies, reduce carbon footprints, strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility, community-led nature conservation and restoration.
Leveraged UN’s convening power to develop the path-breaking projects like Solar Vaccine Cooler, Customs Training, Regional Networking and ozone as well as climate friendly alternatives research and development.
Developed 100  Innovative publications/books , more than 50 articles , was visiting speaker at MIT-USA, Beijing University, Nanjing University and universities in Global South.
Presently Leading and Casting-wide a global network of universities to make faculty and youth SDGs-ready, climate neutral and climate-resilient.  Nearly 400 universities have officially registered and 250 have taken pledge of carbon neutrality. Network hub in South and Central Latin America initiated with 5 leading universities.

At Professional Experience

2011 onwards

After stint as Chairman , TERRE Policy Centre , India, Founded Green TERRE Foundation, not-for-profit organization

  • Founder Director, Green TERRE Foundation a global Not-for-Profit Organization with flagship projects-
  • Smart Campus Cloud Network-SCCN (presently 450+college/university campuses) ,
  • ‘Not Zero-Net Zero’ Carbon Neutral Campuses (Presently 250+Carbon Neutral Campuses taken pledge and initiated activities,)  
  • Network of Single-Use-Plastic-Free university campuses as part of SCCN
  • Hydrogen Economy Research Centres –University network launched recently with possible partnership with Norway.
  • Mentoring Sustainable Agriculture to 5 Farmers group, in my own village of Rahimatpur, adopted by IIT-Alumni.
  • Indian Government Nominated and unanimously elected by UN Meeting of the Parties as Senior Expert of UNEP’s Technology and Economic Assessment Panel ( till End 2022)
  • Expert reviewer and member of UNEP/WMO Science Assessment Panel on Ozone Layer Protection
  • Steering Committee member of UNEP on reports on HFCs-Critical link in protecting climate and ozone layer and non-CO2 GHG gases,
  • Promoting Network of Universities in Western Ghats of India with emphasis on Nature conservation

2004 – 2011

  • United Nations Environment  Programme (UNEP) Paris, France Head of Ozon Action Branch (Director)
  • Led a global programme (annual budget from multiple funding agencies USD  25 million) for safeguarding the ozone layer and the climate system though provision of policy advice and support for technology transformation for 146 developing countries. Ozone Layer was set on the path of Recovery making it singularly successful global environmental agreement.
  • Delivered the financial and technical aid for capacity building of the government and industry focal points in developing countries through UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and Economics in Paris to achieve climate mitigation benefits as well as ozone layer protection under the Montreal Protocol.
    • Mobilized finances from the Multilateral Fund, GEF, bilateral donors and fostered partnerships with the private sector, civil society, and international organisations (UNDP, UNIDO, World Bank, FAO, WHO, UNICEF, WCO, UNODC, INTERPOL) for programme development and project implementation
    • Developed and implemented projects related to alternatives to ozone depleting substances, that would provide cross- cutting and multiple benefits in the sectors such as climate change, chemical management, energy efficiency and waste management
    • Formulated, negotiated, implemented and evaluated the annual and rolling business plans, work programme, outputs, outcomes, and feedback from clients to manage a fully regionalised UN Programme with more than 50 staff with annual budget up to USD 25 million,
    • Monitored the result-based and compliance-rigorous projects.

From 1999 -2004:

  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Paris, France Head of Energy and Ozon Action Unit, (Director).
  • Headed the new unit by conceptualizing and establishing the Energy Programme in the Division and enhancing the activities on Ozone Layer Protection by re-orienting the compliance assistance through UNEP’s regional offices. Launched Regionalized delivery of the Programme for effective implementation Provided capacity building services and strategic policy advice to developing countries to develop and implement plans to eliminate CFCs and other ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases as per the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Facilitated and promoted transfer of environmentally sound and energy efficient renewable energy technologies to developing countries through cooperative and financial mechanisms including the Clean Development Mechanism.


  • United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Paris, France Coordinator Ozon Action Programme. Established the new Ozon Action Unit from scratch and developed the strategy for time targeted implementation and making countries compliance ready.
  • Set up and implemented the first ever Capacity Building Programme to enable the compliance of developing countries under the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol.
  • Established international information clearinghouse, preparation and implementation of National Strategies, facilitation of institutional strengthening, promotion of regional networking of government officers, training of the key stakeholders to develop sector management plans.
  • Led a Taskforce in the Division to initiate pilot activities under GEF for developing countries in the field of sustainable development, climate change mitigation and ozone layer protection.


  • Corporate Manager in Private sector in India in Tata Chemicals (Gujarat), Hindustan organic Chemicals (Maharashtra), Armor Chemicals (Maharashtra) and SRF (New Delhi)
  • Advanced progressively starting as trainee and then taking up higher responsibilities as cleaner-production supervisor, project manager, R& D manager for ozone friendly and in-charge of strategic business diversification and resource efficiency.
  • Provided advisory service to top management on strategic diversification and mainstreaming environmental protection in corporate operations.
  • Environment Friendly Technology assessment, selection and transfer agreement for chlorinated and fluorinated chemicals.
  • Led the technology development for ozone-friendly CFC and HCFC-substitutes and halon-substitutes.
  • Implemented a cleaner production (enzymatic) process to manufacture manufacture semi- synthetic antibiotics using clean energy.
  • Provided consultancy services for feasibility studies, troubleshooting, heat-recovery, energy efficiency, eco-efficiency and engineering for chemical plants manufacture of semi- synthetic antibiotics,
  • Implementation of ‘green field’ projects to manufacture PTFE (Teflon) with resource efficient and energy efficient process.
  • Studies and implemented deployment of use of solar energy in chemical industry and implemented.


National :

  • Launched and operated technical and policy consultancy unit in public sector for cleaner and safer production, technical assistance for the inefficient industries, trouble shooting, energy-efficiency and use of renewable energy. (1976-82)
  • Developed and implemented a concept for the use of solar energy to heat water in large chemical manufacturing plants (1985-86)
  • Successfully managed implementation of a “green-field” project to set up a large chemical complex from “Concept to Commissioning” to produce the Fluro-polymer. (1983-1986)
  • Developed cleaner and energy efficient enzymatic process in the laboratory and scaled up to commercial manufacture of semi-synthetic antibiotics. (1986-1988)
  • Nominated by the Government of India to the National Task Force to develop India’s strategy for the ratification of (engagement with) the Montreal Protocol.
  • Played advisory role for developing the strategy for the Government of India that led to the ratification of the Montreal Protocol. (1988-1991).
  • Participated in the intergovernmental negotiations and contributed to the establishment of the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol, the first ever fund to implement the MEA in developing countries.


  • Starting with an annual budget of US$ 1.5 million and 5 staff members, developed Capacity Building activities with a budget of up to US$ 25 million with 50 staff members in five UNEP’s offices. The programme is now proving to be model for the implementation of other Global Environmental agreements (1992 onwards)
  • Successfully initiated GEF projects in UNEP (1995 onwards) and established the Energy Programme in the Division (1999 onwards)
  • Under my guidance, 106 developing countries were assisted in preparing their country strategies for the implementation of the Montreal Protocol and for implementation of Institutional strengthening projects.
  • Developed for the first time in UNEP, activities under climate change mitigation such as capacity building workshops for CDM, publications for ‘No Regret Options’ for the emission reductions, Voluntary Initiatives for the climate change mitigation. (1996 onwards)
  • Developed and led a number of innovative mechanisms in capacity building such as Regional Networks of national Montreal Protocol focal points, South-South cooperation, B2B web site for international trading in controlled substances, regional compliance management programmes for the small and Least Developed Countries (LDCs), participatory processes to prepare country strategies to implement MEAs and training of customs officers. (1997 onwards)
  • Guided and authored a number of strategy and policy papers that have resulted in the reorientation of UNEP’s programmatic approach to respond to changing needs, including:
    • Strategic Reorientation of the OzonAction Programme to meet the emerging compliance needs (2001)
    • Energy Strategy for UNEP. (1998)
    • Climate Change strategy for UNEP (1999)
    • Strategy for the coherent and coordinated implementation of the MEAs. (2003)
    • Strategy for the GEF-Business Plan implementation (2003-2005) under Ozone Focal area by leveraging the opportunities for broad based chemical management. (2003)
  • Initiated Successful Partnerships with industry:
    • Voluntary pledge: by the multinationals to assist developing countries in ODS-alternative product training.
    • With ARAP-USA: on Responsible use of HFCs
    • With US EPA:  on automobile car manufacturers for emission reduction and fuel efficiency for the Mobile Air Conditioning in India and China
      • Solar Chill: partnership with WHO, UNICEF, Greenpeace and private sector to develop technology for a vaccine freezer that uses non-ODS, non-GHGs and operates on renewable energy.
      • Refrigerants, Naturally! : Partnership with Coca Cola, Unilever, McDonalds, Pepsi and Red Bull for ODS free and GHG free energy efficient appliances
      • With Air India t: o initiate environmentally friendly activities for the aviation industry.
  • Mobilised resources, co-financing and partnerships with Governments through specific projects, including Japan, Sweden, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Norway, Finland, Canada, USA, Spain, Portugal, Israel, Hungary and The Netherlands.
  • Launched innovative integrated capacity building programme for enforcement officers entitled the Green Customs Initiative, with partnership of six convention secretariats (CITES, Basel, Montreal, Stockholm, Rotterdam, Cartagena), and five international organisations (Chemical Weapons Convention, WCO, INTERPOL, UNEP, UNODC).
  • Interviewed on national and international TV, newspapers and journals and delivered keynote speeches in numerous international conferences in Europe, America, and in developing countries, notably in MIT-USA, Beijing University, Press Club in Beijing, Kennedy Centre, Washington DC.


OzonAction Programme became the first in the UN system to win the award from United States Environment Protection Agency for its work on the protection of the ozone layer. (2005)

OzonAction Programme received a special certificate from the President of Senegal on behalf of all the African countries for assisting the countries in the African continent in building their capacity and providing technology support to implement the Montreal Protocol. (2005)

The Solar Chill partnership, fostered by me, for the development of the Solar Chill vaccine cooler won UK Industry award (2006).

Received UNEP award on 20th Anniversary Montreal Protocol for the ‘Outstanding Contribution’ to the implementation of the Montreal Protocol (2007)

OzonAction programme received UNEP ‘Implementation Agency’ award (2007.)

The Green Customs initiative was awarded the UNEP Partners Ozone Protection Award by the Montreal Protocol (2007)

Felicitated by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India in special ceremony in Rashtrapati Bhavan (office of the President of India) for developing Solar Vaccine Cooler for communities in remote area

As a coordinating lead author of the IPCC report, received a Nobel Peace Prize certificate as a contributor. (2007)

Received a certificate and appreciation from the Chairman of IPCC and also from the Executive Director of UNEP for my contribution to IPCC report. (2007) Won Climate Protection award from United States EPA for work in achieving climate benefits from the actions to protect the ozone layer. (2009) Was awarded a certificate of the appreciation for assisting the African countries from Minister of Uganda on behalf of 53 African countries (2011)

The partnership Refrigerants, Naturally! Won the Roy Family award of John F Kennedy school of Government, Harvard Business School. (2011)

Received awards from Local Governments and organisation: Maharashtra (state) Bhushan, Satara (District) Bhushan, Koregaon (Taluka) Bhushan, Rahimatpur (town) Bhushan . Numerous other organisations felicitated with awards

From 2011 onwards: Lifetime Achievement Award by Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and several awards from local governments (State level, business and voluntary organisations in India In 2020, conferred Honorary Doctorate was conferred by MIT ADT University.

Author, Reviewer Speaker

  • Written more than 100 articles in well-known mainstream national and international journals, reports and for books. Interviewed on Indian and French TV
  • Review Editor of IPCC Special report on Technology Transfer.
  • Coordinating Lead Author for IPCC Special report on safeguarding the Ozone layer and global climate system.

Delivered talks in TiE-London, MIT-Boston, Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Nanjing University, IIT-Bombay (Prof S K Bose memorial lecture), IIT-Delhi, Rotary Peace symposium, Pune, Water Symposium, Peru , ITU-Geneva, TEDx-India, Kennedy Centre-Washington DC.


  • Born and educated in village Rahimatpur,( Satara District), State of  Maharashtra
  • National Merit Scholar (college/IIT years) and in the state merit list of SSC examination.
  • Chemical Engineering (First Class Honours.) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) – Mumbai (1972).

Languages English, French, Hindi, Marathi (fluent in all)


 Nationality:  Indian
Date of Birth: 13 July 1949
Web sites (personal) :
Web sites (Organization /projects):



Phone : +918975657235

Address : Green TERRE Foundation, 320-321 Pandit Aajgaonkar Soc , Khandoba Mal , Bhugaon 412115



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