The Day of the People, Say by the People, Way for the People. Happy Republic Day 2020

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  • The Day of the People, Say by the People, Way for the People. Happy Republic Day 2020
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We the people….these are the words on which ‘Republic’ is founded and our Constitution is written on. The supreme power in India is held by the people. They make choice as to who would manage their future. That’s how the members of the parliament get elected. Unfortunately, the people transfer their supreme power to elected representatives, who intern think that they are the supreme. 

That thought, in reality,  signals the continuation of Monarchy. In the past, the Monarch was just one person. Now it is a combination of representatives from desperate Political parties or even Parties, who,  to gain that Supreme Power play Supreme games. ‘ We the people ‘ are then left with no choice but to watch the democratic circus till the next election. Perils of democracy continue. But ‘ we the people’ are resilient, tolerant and patient. We celebrate Republic Day, every year. No matter, if people do not matter. They, however, continue to hope that one day they would matter. 

I am proud of India’s Constitution. It has been an incessant source of hope and perennial inspiration to the people of India. I would like to rededicate myself by reiterating its preamble with additional resolution related to Sustainability.

On India’s 71st Anniversary of Republic day, I am inviting you to surf through my newly modeled web site: where I am making my humble efforts to emphasize SUSTAINABILITY along with Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. ‘WE the people’   are just a small part of the ecosystem of our planet.  The dignity of nature and biodiversity are as fundamental as the dignity of the individual. Only by respecting the dignity of nature and its biodiversity that we can achieve the Unity, Integrity, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Justice and Peace. 

Happy Republic day

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