With India’s Federal Minister Suresh Prabhu, giving awards for Sustainable Leadership

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With India’s Federal Minister Suresh Prabhu, giving awards for Sustainable Leadership

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With Suresh Prabhu

21 Industry Leaders including ITC, HPCL, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Schneider Electric and ITC Windsor felicitated at the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2014

                                   Transformation in Action

 21 Industry Leaders including ITC, HPCL, Kirloskar Oil Engines, Schneider Electric and ITC Windsor felicitated at the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2014

11 Nov 2014, New Delhi , ‘ Leading by examples is the most and probably the only effective path towards sustainable development as envisioned in the global declaration in Rio+20 declaration -Future We Want’, said Rajendra Shende, Chairman of TERRE Policy Centre and former director of UNEP during the award ceremony at the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards Evening 2014, 16 Oct.


Over 200 sustainability leaders converged in New Delhi to celebrate the thought leaders in sustainability from the Indian industry. The Parivartan Awards recognize and showcase businesses and thought leaders that have implemented resource efficiency measures for making their products, processes, facilities and operations sustainable. Industry Leaders like ITC, Hindustan Petroleum, Kirloskar Oil Engines and ITC Windsor were felicitated for implementing practices for efficient resource management in their production and manufacturing processes, operations and/or facilities.

Some of the other winners included sustainability innovators in the field of resource and energy efficiency, use of digital technology for environmental protection, water conservation, recycling and waste-to-wealth, reduction of GHGs in transportation and more. The Awards also felicitated sustainability leaders, thinkers and doers from the Indian industry who have been at the forefront of creating change in their organizations and catalyzing sustainability conversations in the industry.

The winners were arrived at after a rigorous two stage review process entailing an initial outreach of over 600 nominations and a final shortlist of 90. In the first stage detailed evaluation for the 2014 Awards was conducted by a 30 member Sector Expert Panel consisting of senior technical experts from the industry.

Speaking at the awards event on behalf of the Organizing Committee, Upendra Bhatt, Managing Director of cKinetics stated, “We are extremely delighted to congratulate the winners of the Parivartan Sustainability Leadership Awards 2014 for moving the needle on sustainability in the Indian industry. We are pleased to see an exceptional uptake of our efforts and much appreciate the recognition and support from the industry”.

Suresh Prabhu, a former minister of India and thought leader and innovator himself in strategic reforms in India’s energy sector and environmental protection was Chief Guest at the award function. Congratulating award winners Mr. Prabhu said, “ I am proud of innovators and innovations that symbolize India’s technological prowess and implementation capability”. ( Suresh Prabhu is recently assumed a role of India,s Cabinet Minister in the new government.)



The final detailed review was done by the Grand Jury Panel 2014 which comprised of senior environment, economics, industry veterans: K.C. Mehra, Chairman, SKF India, (Former Dy MD, Tata Steel and Former Chairman, NBQP (QCI); Dr. Kirit S. Parikh, Chairman, Integrated Research and Action for Development, (Former Member, Planning Commission); M.C. Mehta, Public Interest Attorney, (Winner – Goldman Environmental Prize and Ramon Magsaysay Award); Deepak Gupta, Director General, National Solar Energy Federation of India, (Former Secretary, MNRE); Ms. Chavvi Rajawat, Sarpanch – Village Soda, Rajasthan, (Winner of IBN Live Young Indian Leader Award) and Rajendra Shende, Chairman of TERRE Policy Centre, (Former Director, United Nations Environment Program-UNEP and winner of USA’s environmental protection awards).

The Entrepreneur of the Year was Aditya Handa, MD and CEO, Abellon Clean Energy; The Emerging Leader of the Year was Kiran Sarkar, Mahindra and Mahindra; and the Executive of the Year was Roshan Tamak, Business Head-Sugar, Olam Agro. The CSOs of the Year : Beroz Gazdar, Sr.Vice President-Group Sustainability, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and Dr. Yogendra Saxena, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tata Power were felicitated as the.

Corporate Sustainability Stewardship Awards

? Subcategory Automotive:

o Winner – Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

? Subcategory Industrial Manufacturing

o Winner: ITC

? Subcategory MNC with India Operations

o Winner: MNC with Indian Operations

? Subcategory PSU

o Winner: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited

? Subcategory Technology, Utility and Services

o Winner: ITC Windsor

Sustainability Disclosure Leadership Awards

Top Finalists

? National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. (Subcategory Power Oil and Gas)

? ITC Limited (Subcategory Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

? Tata Motors (Subcategory Manufacturing)

? Tata Chemicals (Subcategory Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals)

? Tata Consultancy Services (Subcategory Services)

? Infrastructure (Subcategory Cummins)

Sustainability Innovation Challenge Awards

? Cost effective resource monitoring systems which control and display usage enabling customer to

proactively pursue resource sustainability practices

o Winner: Maven Systems

? Innovative Energy Efficient Product

o Winner: Skyshade Technologies

? Zero liquid discharge system for industrial wastewater treatment to create closed loop systems

o Winner: SepraTECH

? Proven solutions for manufacturing sustainable products

o Winner: Pratibha Syntex

? Electronic Waste Management Solutions

o Winner: SIMS Recycling

? Cleantech Solutions to enable Consumer Engagement towards Sustainable mobility

o Winner: Clean Motion

? Sustainable mobility apps and services to enable Consumer Engagement

o Winner: Webreinvent Technologies

? Non-Motorized Sustainable Mobility Services to enable Consumer Engagement

o Winner: Cycler City

o Winner: Ride a Cycle Foundation (Namma Cycles)

Industry Sustainability Compass Awards

Winner: The Climate Group

Sustainability Trailblazer of the Year Awards

? Subcategory CSO of the Year

o Winner: Beroz Gazdar, Sr. Vice President-Group Sustainability, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and

Dr. Yogendra Saxena, Chief Sustainability Officer, Tata Power

? Subcategory Emerging Leader of the Year

o Winner: Kiran Sarkar, Mahindra Gears and Transmission

? Subcategory Entrepreneur of the Year

o Aditya Handa, MD and CEO, AbellonClean Energy

? Subcategory Executive of the Year

More information on the Parivartan Awards


About TERRE Policy Centre:

TERRE Policy Center is a multi-location international organization, which advocates Technology, Education, Research and Rehabilitation for the Environment (TERREin short). TERRE, not-for-the-profit, non-partisan and independent policy center, operates from its base in India and offices and partners in France, Italy, Scotland and Canada. Caring for the environment and improving the quality of life through economic development are at the core of the TERRE’s mission. It strives to provide credible information, straight answers and innovative solutions to address global environmental issue like Climate Change, Ozone Layer Protection, Toxic Chemicals and loss of Bio diversity and degradation of ecosystems. Working on the issues that is often polarized and politicized, the Centre acts as think-tank and provides a forum for objective research and analysis with the aim of developing pragmatic policies and solutions. A leading voice for sensible action to address the most pressing global environmental problem of the 21st century, TERRE engages in developing evidence based policies and scalable pilot projects. See: www.terrepolicycentre.com

About the Organizer: Sustainability Outlook

Sustainability Outlook is a market access, insight and collaboration platform tracking actions related towards Sustainability in the Indian economy. It proactively promotes dialogue and collates data to enable action by local, regional as well as global practitioners. Sustainability Outlook provides (a) in-depth business and policy analyses (b) updates on the market participants and latest trends on sustainability initiatives and (c) expert inputs on resource reduction and other abatement as well as adaptation measures being undertaken. It was launched at the Clinton Global Initiative in 2009 and is a division of cKinetics. See: http://www.SustainabilityOutlook.in

Contact : aptevh@gmail.com

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