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Yellow – The Color of Sustainability and Love of Mother

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My mother got married on Vasant Panchami. Way back in 1946. My father Madhavrao Gangadhar Shende was Indian Classical Singer and music teacher. My mother was primary teacher. Both my parents are no more.

Vasant Panchami, is a festival that marks the preparation for the arrival of spring. This is the first spring after departure of my mother from the planet that swings like rotation of the seasonal festivals in India.  

Vasant Panchami is also the day for Sarasvati Puja that also signifies beginning spring season. Saraswati is goddess of knowledge, language, music and all arts. Saraswati also  symbolizes creative energy, power longing and affection. All of that culminated in the life of my parents. My mother was primary teacher in ladies school .

The seasons and festivals in India are closely related to the life of the farmers and the ripening of the  agricultural fields . In Europe too I  found the yellow flowers of mustard crop quite  inspiring. Is yellow colour the colour of spring? Hindus associate it with Saraswati’s  favorite  color. Women dress in yellow saris or shirts or accessories.

Yellow-colored snacks and sweets after eating the rice sprinkled with saffron ends the day of Saraswati puja and Basant Panchami.

I wonder if yellow is the colour of Sustainability. Red ( Alert for the high speed) when added to green (recommended  for environmental activities ) gives yellow colour. When life is moving with indiscriminate consumption and speed,  alert is given to which is added sense of environmental protection then you get yellow colour of sustainability.

Today is the day to dedicate to sustainability of Mother earth. And the Day of my mother and father.

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