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Proving Health Is Wealth With Fourteen New Medical Colleges

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Today is National Youth Day and the Honorable Prime Minister of India yesterday kicked off The National Youth Festival. In his address to the nation, PM Modi praised the youth and their entrepreneurship, rightfully calling them the strength and future of the nation.

“Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man” – Swami Vivekanand

The Prime Minister through virtual address today inaugurated 11 government medical colleges in Tamil Nadu. This is unprecedented event in which any country has incepted so many professional colleges in a single event.

The country has seen 54 per cent increase in medical colleges including AIIMS across the country since 2014. Prime Minister has jovially stated that he has outdone himself with inception of 11 new medical colleges. Though said in jest, it is factual and very empowering for the medical fraternity of India.

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The Covid19 pandemic showed the world that greater focus is necessary on healthcare and health infrastructure. India has 1 doctor per 1457 persons currently which is below the benchmark of 1 doctor per 1000 person set by United Nations and World Health Organization. The medical facilities, particularly in rural India are worse and at the end of the spectrum of 1457 national average.

Answering to this deficit, Narendra Modi Government has taken proactive measures to improve the health infrastructure beginning with where it matters most- medical education. The increase of medical colleges and out of qualified doctors is the first step towards creating a robust health infrastructure for the nation with a population of 1.38 billion.

“When I asked God for peace, he showed me how to help others” – Swami Vivekanand

Prime Minister Narendra Modi who himself has confessed to being greatly influenced by Swami Vivekanand, chose the most appropriate day, the birth anniversary of latter to inaugurate 11 medical colleges which will be situated in class B and C towns of Tamil Nadu. This will provide medical students first hand experience of catering to rural population as apprentices and help them understand the challenges of the majority of population of which lives in rural India.

This will help bring better medical facilities and tackle the health problems unique to rural population of India while addressing their lifestyle and resultant health issues.

The new medical colleges will come up at Virudhunagar, Namakkal, Nilgiris, Tiruppur, Tiruvallur, Nagapattinam, Dindigul, Kallakurichi, Ariyalur, Ramanathapuram and Krishnagiri districts in the state and would have a cumulative capacity of 1,450 medical students.

Image: Ketut Subiyano

The Prime Minister has also pledged 3000 crore rupees of aid to Tamil Nadu for setting up the necessary infrastructure for these colleges. The state government will raise the remaining for the purpose in addition to providing land for these colleges.

The Prime Minister has stressed to eliminate the existing regional imbalance in medical education and healthcare. With his vision and resolve it seems highly possible in near future that the imbalance will be drastically reduced.

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