Remembering Gandhi in Durban : Climate talks on equity

Remembering Gandhi in Durban : Climate talks on equity

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Well received by the blogging community , this blog from me  that appeared on 6th Dec 2011, when Durban negotiations were getting heated.

As the Environment Ministers and the world leaders gather in Durban for the second and final week of the 17th global meet on climate change, I recall the stories of Mahatma Gandhi going back more than 100 years back in Durban. Mohanda Gandhi was just in his mid 20s when he arrived in South Africa around 1893 to work as a legal representative. He took up the issue of discrimination and inequity for the local Indians there. I recalled how in the court in  Durban  the magistrate asked him to take off his turban and  how he was thrown out of the train. That was the beginning  of the Gandhian march  towards satyagraha and non-violence.

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