Renewable Energy EmPOWERing youth

Renewable Energy EmPOWERing youth

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The developing countries are poised to be the precious solar and biomass mines of the renewable energy that will be increasingly sought by the developed countries. The history will repeat , except that instead of exploring for for spices now the developed country explorers will seek solar energy.

Renewable energy will account for the majority of worldwide power capacity growth over the next 15 years.

Investment for power generation   infrastructure is migrating from the developed economies in the North to the developing economies, in political known as “global south” and from digging underground like for fossil fuels to flapping in the skies and riding on the oceans.

A message that I gave in my speech to engineering and research students from Sahakar Maharshi Shankarrao Mohite Patil Institute of Technology and Research was:

“ Renewable energy will empower youth in the developing and emerging economies like India. India has the potential to become important country for export of renewable energy technology and equipment. The hidden potential for employment opportunities could be realized if competitiveness and innovation in renewable energy new trade potential. Consistent policy prioritizing the innovation and deployment of renewables is essential.”

Watch the presentation that I gave :

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