Save Kaas: Save Heritage

Save Kaas: Save Heritage

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KaasKaas Plateau, at the Northern end of the Western Ghats of India, at the height of 1500 meters is the nature’s wonder. It blooms with extraordinary variety of 450 species of colorful wild flowers annually. One of the 39 sites in the Western Ghats were nominated by the Indian government in its serial nomination for the World Natural Heritage Site, Kaas is more than just colors. It preserves biodiversity, contributes to the livelihood of local people, and supports eco-tourism. Its Outstanding Universal Value is in its unique beauty and bio-diversity treasure.

TERRE Policy Centre and RANWATA organized a workshop and the community dialogue on 1st April 2012 where in the local villagers interacted with National experts and to devise the schemes for the community development. Later in July 2012, the site along with 38 other sites of Western Ghats was inscribed by UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention as World Heritage sites.

See Report of the Workshop held before the inscription.

Local Community Dialogue – World Heritage


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