Talking and Listening to the Future

Talking and Listening to the Future

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Youth are the representatives of our common future. Listening to them is the seminal need of today. TERRE Launched new Initiative in partnership with educational institutes.

Pune, 24 Feb 2015, Using probiotic organisms to boost fish production without use of genetic engineering, deploying nanotechnology to enhance energy efficiency of PV-cells sans use of environmentally damaging metals and observing the habits of the birds to develop the indicators of degradation of biodiversity by avoiding human interference are some of the innovative and effective research papers presented by the students from international schools and colleges rom 20th to 21st of February, in the Youth Conference –YuCon-organized by TERRE. The two days of the vibrant presentations and discussions reverberated in the campus of MITSOM College and MACS College in Pune. The experts from UN organization, IIM and IIT Alumni, and representatives from Singapore, Dubai, France and India interacted with the young presenters on the topics of the water, climate and sustainable energy, the theme of 2015 YuCon.

Indian Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Mr. Prakash Javadekar, in his video message encouraged youth to trace the ‘green career’ and contribute to “ India’s mission of clean water, clean air, clean energy, clean environment to target the issues of life’. Dr. Ram Bhoojh of UNESCO said that the event is “timely” as it is taking place ahead of the ‘global game changing’ events related to climate change and sustainable development.

32 preselected details presentations and 8 poster presentation from students of engineering, sciences, management and even some young professionals also dwelled on the subjects like groundwater mapping, inadequacy of rainwater harvesting. “ TERRE will publish the best papers based on experts assessment and all the abstracts in e-journal and send the recommendations to the Indian Minister as advised by him”, said Rajendra Shende, Chairman TERRE Policy Centre. ‘ The next YuCon conference will be held in Dubai” he added.

“ MITSOM and MACS would continue to support TERRE in coming years to give pulsating platform to the students and enhance their international interactions”, declared Ravi Chitnis, Principal of MITSOM while concluding the event.

Note: MITSOM: Maharashtra Institute of Technology School of Management. MACS: MIT College of Art, Commerce and Science

Talking to Future: Dialogue with youth from TERRE Policy Centre

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