Will the word ‘village’ go in the history books? Climate Change may hasten it. AI can delay it

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Cities are bulging. They soon would burst at their seems. Villages are being abandoned by potentially more knowledgeable youth to seek employments and better future in the cities.  Disappearance of villages would be the disaster because it would eliminate humanity’s only link to learn from nature, which is conspicuous  by its absence in the cities.   

Frankly, Villages are the hubs from where knowledge was generated and civilization flourished. Traditional knowledge flowed to resolve the challenges. Post-industrial revolution we abandoned the source of knowledge . That nature-based knowledge source is vanishing fast due to unsustainable development leading to growth of cities.  Dr Abdul Kalam , India’s former President, nuclear scientist  and passionate believer in rural youth’s potential had proposed a revolutionary approach called PURA -Providing Urban Amenities  to Rural Areas .  

However, world leaders have failed to provide the facilities, utilities, employment at village level. They were, however,  forced to provide the same in cities. World created artificial development that we are now trying to solve it by Artificial intelligence.  

On one had there would be a disaster of disappearance of villages which is  source of nature. Another is bulging of cities that would contribute to irreversible climate change if the action is not taken on war footing. Thus  presently both cities and villages need disaster planning . Cities need it  due to high risk of huge population and massive infrastructure exposed to extreme events as consequences of Climate Change. And villages need such planning because link of nature as source of knowledge would disrupt , again irreversably. Villages also are the places  where comes food for all urbanites and rural habitats . Hence the disaster mnagement would need climate resilient urban and rural planning.  Big Data, Analytics and Modelling is needed that would be deployed by using AI. AI  comes as a tool to find the way from complex web of data if we know how to deploy it.  

We now need to protect farmers in villages from extreme climate events  that results into agricultural disaster  and urbanites from consequences of disruption in growth in economy.  

Can AI be enabling tool?  

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